Emergency Room João Lúcio will perform surgery for aneurysm repair from August

The unit was, this week, high-tech microscope equipment, that will allow the completion of the procedures.
28/07/2016 15h37 - Updated 29/07/2016 07h32
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Hospital and Emergency Room Dr. João Lúcio Machado, unit State Health Secretariat (Sesame), will make, from the second half of August, neurological surgeries of high complexity, aneurysm correction. The unit was, this week, high-tech microscope equipment, that will allow the completion of the procedures. With the provision of the service in João Lúcio, this type of care - that the public is made at the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (delusion), the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) –, will have its capacity increased.

According to the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, João Lúcio Hospital receives an average 10 a 15 patients per month with a diagnosis of aneurysm. "The acquisition of equipment, by the Susam, it means, also, greater agility in these patients, that will not require removal to undergo the procedure ", He stressed. The secretary explained that the aneurysm surgery consists of placing a metal part (clip) to prevent cerebral bleeding.

Ministry of Health indicate that about 6,5 thousand people die each year in Brazil aneurysm. The problem is characterized by weakening of the arterial wall or an overload it. The localized and permanent dilation of the artery is considered an aneurysm when it is higher than 50% its normal diameter. The typical clinical picture is sudden headache and very strong. This is because the progressive expansion of the aneurysm is leaving the arterial wall becoming thinner, until she resists and breaks, causing severe bleeding, which can lead to death.

Improvements in unit
According to the director of HPS João Lúcio, José Jorge Pinheiro, the acquisition of equipment for carrying out the aneurysm surgery is one of the measures that have been implemented in the drive to improve and expedite service. He points out that since the beginning of this year there's stretchers in the corridors of the unit and 60 new beds were created for patients under observation.

The surgical center unit, who received the doctor's name orthopedist Igor Santos, who served in the unit and died three months ago, traffic accident victim, It was also improvement target. four new surgical tables were acquired, all electrical, facilitating handling, during surgical procedures.

With these changes, the director of the Hospital João Lúcio stresses that the bed occupancy rate fell 100% for 70%, which is the rate recommended by the National Health Agency (YEARS) "This means greater service capacity, with patients being evaluated by the multidisciplinary team and admitted only when there is a need ", said.

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