Kickbacks to PT funded samba school, says Lava Jato

In this second, It broke out the 31th stage of Lava Jato, called Operation Abyss. Former treasurer of the PT back to target.
04/07/2016 10h37 - Updated 4/07/2016 14h34
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Operation Abyss, 31Second phase of Lava Jato, erupted on Monday, 4, points out that the former alderman of the PT in American Alexandre Romano, o Chambinho, brokered kickbacks on construction of the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes) for former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira, what “He would have received the values ​​in the Party agent for Workers”.

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, at the request of the Federal Public Ministry, determined Paulo Ferreira prison – which is already under custody preventively during Operation Cost Brazil.

Second esearchers, Alexandre Romano confessed that used his companies, Oliveira Romano Law Firm, the Link Consultoria and Avant Investment and Participation Ltda., to receive more than R $ 1 million members of the construction of the Consortium New Cenpes – who built the Research and Development Center Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello, in the river.

“The amounts were received through simulated contracts and transferred to individuals and legal entities related to Paulo Ferreira, including in favor of himself, family, blog with articles that are favorable and samba school”, They point the researchers did not report the samba school name.

The 31st stage of Lava Jato, erupted on Monday, 4, meets precautionary measures requested by federal prosecutors “in order to obtain additional evidence of criminal organization offenses, cartel, bidding fraud, corruption and money laundering arising from Petrobras contracts, especially the contract concluded by the Consortium New Cenpes”. They were shipped 22 search and seizure warrants, one preventive arrest warrant, four warrants for temporary arrest seven forceful warrants.

The targets of this phase are large construction companies, including some of its executives and partners, and Paulo Ferreira.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, in 2007, Petrobras submitted the bid three major civil works: Administrative Headquarters in Vitória / ES, Integrated Center for Data Processing (CIPD), in the river, and the Research and Development Center Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello (Cenpes), also in Rio.

Ongoing investigations in Operation Lava Jato, corroborated by the leniency agreement and cooperation agreements concluded with the Carioca Engenharia and its top executives, indicated that the main contractors participating those bids set in a large cartel, fixing prices and preferences in order to thwart the competitive procedure Petrobras and maximize their profits.

Construtora OAS, Carioca Engenharia, Construbase Engineering, Schahin Engineering and Construcap CCPS Engineering, members of the Consortium New Cenpes, They were with the work of Cenpes.

In the specific case of bidding for the work of Cenpes, prosecutors claim that there was an unforeseen, as the company WTorre Engineering and Construction S / A, who had not participated in the adjustments, presented lower price proposal. The companies that formed the Consortium New Cenpes set, So, undue advantage eighteen million reais for the WTorre leave the event, allowing the consortium to renegotiate the price with Petrobras.

“Brought the spurious accuracy, Consortium celebrated New Cenpes, in 21/01/2008, contract with Petrobras in the amount of R $ 849,981,400.13”, inform prosecutors.

In addition to the adjustments and fraud in bidding, was offering, promise and actual payment of bribes to employees of Petrobras Services Board and the political agent linked to the Workers' Party, aimed at maximizing profits in the contract.

No period 2007 a 2012, They were paid approximately R $ 18 million for the company with the best price abandon the bid and were identified illicit payments of $ 16 million transferred to Adir Assad, R$ 3 Roberto million for Trumpet and Rodrigo Morales, US$ 711 mil para Mario Goes e R$ 1 million to Alexander Roman.

For the elucidation of crimes, were important contributions made in the context of cooperation and leniency agreements concluded by the Federal Public Ministry, which were corroborated by documentary evidence of fraud to bid, payments abroad and in Brazil and fictitious contracts made with front companies or used to make tuition transfers.

company directors Carioca Engenharia, for example, They recognized the fraud to bid on behalf of the consortium New Cenpes and tuition payments, which was borne out by events that confirm manipulation of the bidding and fictitious contracts and bank transfers.

Pedro José Barusco Son, Petrobras engineering former manager indicated that the work won by the Consortium New Cenpes earned tuition 2% of the contract value, these have been designed also the former Director of Renato de Souza Duque Petrobras and party agents Workers.

Mario Frederico Mendonça Goes, also collaborated, admitted the brokerage fees, making cash payments and deposits in foreign accounts. There is, inclusive, documentary evidence that the Carioca Engenharia executives transferred US $ 711.050,00 abroad in favor of it.

According to the Federal Public Ministry, “there is also evidence of the involvement of other financial operators to pay fees for the execution of works Cenpes”. Bank transfers were identified totaling over R $ 15 million from the construction members of the Consortium New Cenpes for Adir Assad companies, arrested last week, in Operation Marauder, that also arrested the offender Carlinhos Cachoeira.

“Besides that, also show the stratagems employed criminals to wash dirty money obtained by the Consortium New Cenpes two false contracts for this with companies controlled by financial operators Roberto Trumpet and Rodrigo Morales, not approximate value of R $ 3 millions”, support researchers.

The prosecutor Julius Noronha pointed out that this case is an example of the use of award-winning collaborations, because “the word of the developer is never used alone. In this case the statements of more than five employees and leniency were used together with fairly consistent documentary evidence, as bank transfers in Brazil and abroad and fictitious contracts with companies to disguise the kickbacks pass.”

The coordinator of the Task Force Lava Jato, Delta Dallagnol, He stressed the interconnection triggered investigations in the last week: “Three operations last week, Looter, Cost Brazil and today, are branches of the same tree. Together form an icon of recent articulation of Justice begins to surround on various research fronts megaesquemas misuse of public money to criminals that interconnect. (…) It takes a firm institutional action against corruption if we want the other branches of the same tree can produce fruit as the Lava Jato.”


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