Kickbacks the wedge in 5 FI-FGTS operations would be at least R $ 15,9 my

Fabio Cleto, former vice president of the Case, reported paying commissions on FI-FGTS investments in large companies.
01/07/2016 14h35 - Updated 1/07/2016 14h35
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In five of the 12 FGTS Investment Fund operations (FI-FGTS) with large companies, detailed by former vice president of Fabio Cleto box on its award-winning tipoff, bribes to the president of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), would total at least R $ 15,9 millions. The denunciation of Cleto was one of that based Operation Sepsis, triggered this morning with the permission of the Supreme Court.

The achaque the PMDB, which was removed from the presidency of the Chamber by decision of the Supreme Court and faces an impeachment process that must go to a vote on the House floor soon, It is suspected to extort large companies seeking financing fund. Sponsored Wedge in Cash, Cleto also participated in the scheme and received a percentage of tuition, he admitted amounted to R $ 5 million in an account in Switzerland, amount to be reimbursed by Cleto in his denunciation as fine.

Beyond, the lobbyist appointed as operator Lucio Cunha Bologna Funaro, remanded in custody in Operation Sepsis, also participated in the scheme charging the values ​​of companies and operationalizing the payment of bribes. Cleto said in his snitching not personally charged kickback companies. The task would be for the own Cunha or Funaro, which would have presented to the PMDB.

As source with access to the investigations it reported to the State, the employee told the Attorney General's Office (PGR) be aware that the wedge commission would be at least 1% an operation of R $ 940 million with Eldorado, Group J&F, or equivalent to R $ 9,4 millions. The company is the target of a search warrant and seizure on Friday, 1.

Cleto said, However, believe that Cunha was charging percentage even higher than admitted in conversations about the scheme. Congressman denies receiving undue advantage.

The trading volume of R $ 400 million with Brado Logística, second Cleto, the commission would have been 0,5% or R $ 2 millions.

another contribution, to a subsidiary of OAS, R $ 386,7 millions, would have involved bribery 0,3% (R$ 1,16 million). The informer also detailed commission 1% the wedge for the issuance of R $ 250 million in debentures by FI-FGTS, claimed by the OAS to work on the Raposo Tavares Corridor, in Sao Paulo, and Carrier Route Atlantic, in Pernambuco. O percentage corresponds to R $ 2,5 millions.

Another case involved alleged collection 1% on transfer of R $ 90,5 million for the Sanitation Company of Tocantins (Saneatins), controlled by Odebrecht Environmental, or equivalent to R $ 905 one thousand.

Source: Estadão

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