PT should account for payments to John Santana, says Dilma

The PT argued that since the alleged payment was made, three years after the campaign ended, who should clarify the transfer of money is the PT.
27/07/2016 13h13 - Updated 27/07/2016 13h13
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The away President Dilma Rousseff said today (27) that the alleged illegal payments to his presidential campaign 2010, received by the advertising João Santana and his wife, Monica Moura, by box 2, They must be explained by the treasury PT, and not by his campaign coordination at the time.

Last week, John Santana and Monica Moura confirmed, in testimony to the judge Sergio Moro, have received, in 2013, The $ 4,5 million for the debts of the campaign 2010 Dilma, through an account manager Zwi Skornicki Switzerland. The advertisers couple lies in remand in Curitiba since February.

"It's not me that you should ask this. As John himself said Santana, he treated it with the treasury of the PT ", Rousseff said when asked about it, in an interview with Radio Educator, Uberlândia (MG).

The PT argued that since the alleged payment was made, three years after the campaign ended, who should clarify the transfer of money is the PT. "My campaign has no responsibility for the circumstances in which it paid a remaining debt campaign 2010, why she was paid three years later ", said the president away.

Dilma also denied statements by the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), who said last week reporters have listened to an 'outburst' of PT, in which she confided be tired and haggard with the impeachment process. "I want to just end this agony", He had confessed the president away.

"This is a novel, why, first, I have not been with the President of the Senate or last week, or the last week ", she said. Without naming which, Dilma accused media outlets wanting to create the impression that it is likely to resign. "There is a fantasy, an invention, a fiction that was published incorrectly and improperly. "

She assured that it will meet the given deadline until tomorrow (28) to present their final arguments to the Commission suing the Impeachment in the Senate. "I'm not tired, no. I am fully prepared to fight to the last minute for my rights', said Dilma.

Asked if the tendency to vote on impeachment would not unfavorable to it, Rousseff said that "not true" that did not vote enough to defeat his absence. "We will have an information war, a part will say it has the votes, other party will say it has no, but we will know only on what will happen. "

Dilma confirmed not attend the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, marked for 5 of August. "I will not participate in an act that condition of spectator, an act that was protagonist, so I'd rather not go, not to cause any embarrassment ", she explained.

The away chairwoman showed dissatisfaction with the fact that the interim president Michel Temer, "A person who did not work" being the representative of the government that will be at the podium ceremony alongside other international authorities to.

Source: Agency Brazil

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