LWA formalizes support for re-election of Mayor Arthur Neto on Thursday

Nine other parties also announced support for the candidacy of Arthur.
25/07/2016 14h26 - Updated 25/07/2016 14h26
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The National Labour Party (PTN), chaired by the Amazonas state deputy Abdala Fraxe, will hold a meeting with their pre-candidates for councilor and leaders to officially support the re-election of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSD). The event will take place on Thursday (28), a partir das 19h, in Tuscany Events, Set in Aruanã, Compensates neighborhood, West zone.

No last Saturday or PSD, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) declared support the candidacy of Arthur. Other parties such as PHS, the Mayor Wilker Barreto, PTB's former state representative Sabino Castelo Branco, DEM of Congressman Pauderney Avelino, beyond the Green Parties (PV), New, republican Progressive (PRP), social Liberal (PAGE) and Free Homeland Party (PPL) They have announced support for the reelection of Mayor.


In the list of those who have been officially announced as pre-candidates for their parties, besides Arthur Neto, It is also the former state representative Marcelo Ramos (PSB) and Mr Serafim Correa (PSB).

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