Revenue paid today R $ 2,7 billion in Income Tax Refunds

More of 1,5 million taxpayers now receive a refund.
15/07/2016 10h10 - Updated 15/07/2016 10h10
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More of 1,5 million taxpayers now receive a refund of income tax. They were credited R $ 2,7 billion. The multiexercício lot of tax refund on the personal income includes refunds 2016 and also the exercise 2008 a 2015.

In the second batch this year, They were attended 1,490 million taxpayers, totaling over R $ 2,5 billion.

The total value of the lots, R$ 951,6 million relates to taxpayers who, by law, They have preference in the receipt of the refund. Are 477.147 seniors and taxpayers 51.310 taxpayers carry any physical or mental disability or serious illness.


If the amount is not credited, the taxpayer may contact any Bank of Brazil agency or call the Customer Service Center: 4004-0001 (capital), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) e 0800-729-0088 (exclusive special phone for the deaf) to schedule the credit current account or savings, in your name, at any bank. The returned values ​​are corrected by the basic interest rate, the Selic.

The refund will be available in the bank for one year. If the taxpayer does not make the rescue this time, must apply, through the internet, by Electronic Form – Restitution Payment Request, or directly in the virtual service Revenue service, o e-CAC, Processing of Extract of DIRPF.

For easy reference to statements, Revenue provides application for tablets and smartphones. With him, will be analyzed directly on the basis of IRS information on release of refund of income tax Individuals and the registration status of a CPF.

Source: Agency Brazil

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