Strengthening the ostensive policing and enforcement of arrest warrants in Manaus reduce crimes

Strengthening has the support of the PM's Special Troops. More were performed 26,4 approaches thousand people, vehicles and buses.
19/07/2016 10h09 - Updated 19/07/2016 11h17
Photo: Valdo Lion / Secom

The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) registered the reduction of crime in general, mainly, theft, thefts and homicides, last week, when the organs of the system initiated a series of actions to strengthen the ostensive policing and comply with arrest warrants of accused of crimes, with the support of Intelligence, during Operation Safe Capital.

The shares were held by the Civil and Military Police, Fire Department, Amazonas State Traffic Department (DMV-AM) and Department of Scientific and Technical Expertise (DPTC) and bodies linked to the SSP-AM (Seaop, Seai, Magistrate General and Iesp), in a specific action in the neighborhoods of Manaus highest proportion of homicides until June 2016. Cocoa Pirêra district in Iranduba, also received reinforcement in policing.

According to the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, only in strengthening operation in policing ostensible, which had the support of the PM's Special Troops, They were performed over 26,4 approaches thousand people, vehicles and buses. "The approaches demonstrated the presence of police on the street in all areas of Manaus. We know that crime reduction is a major challenge for the security managers of all major capitals and so, new strategies are being used ", Sources said.

According to a survey of the Military Police, It was also reported the seizure of three firearms and recovery 25 stolen vehicles. From Thursday to Sunday, PM also recorded 28 gross and 15 Occurrence of detailed terms (TCO). "The crime reduction targets since the launch of the operation were achieved with the reduction of homicides, robberies and thefts. We want to congratulate our officers who are dedicated, daily, to improve the sense of security of the population ", said the general commander of the PM, Colonel Augusto Sergio.

accused prisoners

By the Civil Police, from Monday, They have been met 85 warrants, and 15 for theft, 10 for drug trafficking, 14 for murder, six for murder and attempted 40 warrants for other crimes, as receiving, theft, illegal possession of firearm, rape and conversion of the penalty restricting rights in custodial sentence. Over the work, two people were arrested, in the act, It is one for drug trafficking, in the north of the city, and another for receiving, in the east. Among the 87 arrested, nine are female.

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