Rapporteur accepts feature and defends nullify the vote Cunha cassation

Fonseca said he took into account the protection of “Democratic state”.
06/07/2016 11h15 - Updated 6/07/2016 11h15
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Congressman Ronaldo Fonseca (Pros-DF) He began presenting the CCJ (Committee on Constitution and Justice) his report advocating the cancellation of deputy cancellation of voting away Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) the impeachment process of the Board of Ethics, pointing violations in due process.

To be justified before you start reading vote, Fonseca said he took into account the protection of “Democratic state” and that it is not, na CCJ, to tell if Cunha received kickbacks in foreign accounts, but only violations in the process. “I know how much will I be charged for my position, I have no fear, my beliefs always defend”, he said.

The opinion was filed on Tuesday (5) and kept secret. The envelope delivered yesterday to the President of the CCJ, Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), It was opened only at the beginning of the session this morning, when there was a break in the work for the secretariat of the college could take copies of the document for the other parliamentary.

On the grounds of “complexity of the case”, Fonseca wanted to ensure that there were different interpretations of his writing. It plans to do along the reading 69 report pages explanations.

President away by unanimous decision of the Supreme Court since 5 May this year could appear this morning in the session. Came to inform the Supreme Court that would. Used, However, Twitter to point out that only appear in the House next week, when the opinion of Fonseca will be voted.

“I decided not to attend for now as it will be read and will request regimental views of two sessions”, He wrote on his social network.

The president was advised by allies and not attend today to prevent further wear. Besides that, part of the strategy uses the word only next week. Serraglio marked the voting session for Tuesday (12), once an application is expected as soon views Fonseca finishes reading report.

For the defense, the PMDB will have the same time as the rapporteur use today for reading. That is, Fonseca to take four, five hours for reading, Cunha also have the same time to defend.

Then, It opens the discussion phase of matter. The following is a new round of the rapporteur and the defense, this time, sooner, from 20 minutes each. Besides that, there is still the presentations of the vote in separate.

Already had, at least, two votes on separate filed with the CCJ to the start of the session. A case of the rapporteur on the Board of Ethics, Marcos Rogerio (DEM RR). Other, signed jointly by the leaders of the PSOL Ivan Valente (SP) and Chico Alencar (RJ).

Wedge Opponents estimate that he has no vote in a collegiate process to make your back. The appeal filed by him, analyzed by Fonseca, questions 16 processing of the points of their case to the Board of Ethics.

Despite losing trend, Cunha group does not give up. The joints remains in full swing in the Council. Last month, CCJ members of parties allied to Cunha – PR, PTN, SD – They were changed to favor the PMDB and increase the number of pro-cunhistas helpful in colegiado.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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