PF report indicates ratio of Andrade Gutierrez Aécio Neves

Report with the contractor's former president Otavio Azvedo messages analysis highlights conversations about values ​​for an association chaired by the sister of Sen..
12/07/2016 14h36 - Updated 12/07/2016 14h36
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In a report attached to the survey contractor Andrade Gutierrez, the Federal Police examined the information contained in mobile phones seized from the former president of the construction company, Otavio Marques de Azevedo. no document, PF highlights conversations about values ​​for an association chaired by the senator's sister Aécio Neves, Andrea Neves, and exchange messages with Oswaldo Borges, former president of the Minas Gerais Development Company, and appointed as informal treasurer of the toucan.

Aécio is currently the subject of two investigations of the Supreme Court under the operation Lava Jato. In his denunciation, Otavio Marques de Azevedo not denounced any payment of bribes or fraud committed in bids at the time that the toucan was governor of Minas Gerais.

Conversations with Borges, appointed as an informal treasurer of the PSDB senator, They are August 2014, amid a presidential campaign in which Aécio Neves ran away with the presidents, Dilma Rousseff. In 27 of August, Oswaldo asks Otávio if it was possible "to speak on Thursday at 19h in Sp".

Two days later, Otavio answers: "It's been done". Oswaldo thanks on the same day: "Thank Otavio. With vc works!!!Rs RS".

The messages exchanged with the supposed informal treasurer of Aécio, according to PF, They have taken on the same day that Azevedo confirmed donation to the campaign of Dilma Rousseff, through the head of the then cabinet treasurer of the PT, Edinho Silva.

"It is noteworthy posts by Otavio Marques and Oswaldo Borges da Costa and Otavio Marques and +556981266901 analyzed together because it is possible that are related to political donations ", the report said the PF. Also according to the federal agent Di Bernardi, author of the report, the "messages apparently contradict Otavio Statement Terms regarding the way they gave electoral donations".

"It is observed that both the message to Manoel Araujo as the message to Oswaldo Borges, Otavio forwards, almost the same time of day 29/08/2014, the message "Already done", both of which thank. Information on open sources associate Oswaldo Borges da Costa Filho to Aécio Neves (would Aécio108 stepfather's son in law)”, Full report.

Source: Estadão

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