Renan and Maia have dinner with Temer and want to create a common agenda with the government

The conversation lasted more than three hours last night, day 19, the Palace of Jaburu.
20/07/2016 07h57 - Updated 20/07/2016 07h57
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The Senate presidents, Renan Calheiros, and the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia, They spent more than three hours together on the night of Tuesday (19) with the interim president Michel Temer, the official residence of the Palace Jaburu, discussing solutions, according to them, can help overcome the economic crisis and create an environment of convergence between the executive and legislative branches.

No discuss a specific topic, Renan and Maia said during dinner the three expressed the desire to work together on an agenda that goes primarily by economic measures, and promised to mobilize the party leaders to the importance of government common agenda with Congress. According to the President of the Senate, Temer is "excited" and is "sure that the country will count on the collaboration" that parliamentarians can give proposals.

“The country is this good time from the point of view of the Chamber President's relations with the President of the Senate, and the government itself. I think that reassures society, who charged enough that it happened”, Renan told reporters after the meeting.

According to Rodrigo Maia, despite the commitments of deputies and senators in their bases due to municipal elections, each must understand the moment of "deep crisis" through which it passes Brazil and, thus, participate in polls two to three days a week.

“If we are in a climate of harmony, You can vote with much dialogue between House, Senate and opposition. We know where the problems are. We will study together until next week to build a consensus agenda between the two Houses”, said the mayor.

Source: Agency Brazil

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