Renan want to vote project that difficult investigations

He desengavetou project 2009, which provides punishments authorities abuse crimes, public administration agents, Members of the judiciary, MP and Legislative.
01/07/2016 11h22 - Updated 1/07/2016 11h23
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Investigated in Operation Lava Jato, Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), decided desengavetar and accelerate the processing of a project 2009 which provides punishments authorities abuse crimes, agents of public administration and judiciary members, Public and Legislative Ministry.

Many proposed devices are in line with parliamentary complaints about the conduct of actions of the Federal Police and the Lava Jato task force.

One of the articles, for example, It provides punishment for the fulfillment of search warrants and seizure of vexatious form.

In early June, Renan criticized the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, saying he had “extrapolated” its constitutional limits when ordering the arrest and the issuance of search warrants and seizure of senators in office.

Another proposal of the device determines arrest of one to four years to comply with police diligence in accordance with legal formalities.

Last week, Senate filed a complaint in the Supreme Court against the lower court judge Paul Bueno de Azevedo to promote search and seizure in functional apartment of Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR).

The PT and other senators also complained about the embarrassment that the action of the PF would have caused, when preventively they arrested the former minister Paulo Bernardo in front of children, minors.

Again similar to the case, one proposed article against the abuse of authority provides for imprisonment for offense to privacy and private life.

The project also provides for punishment to those who deny, without cause, research to the defense of access. in May, Senator Romero Juca lawyers (PMDB-RR), then Minister of Planning and target task force, They came to appeal the Attorney General to have access to the content of recorded conversations between him and Sergio Machado, former president of Transpetro, Petrobras subsidiary.

In the conversation, Juca says that it was necessary “stanch bleeding”, a reference to the Lava Jato.


This Thursday, 30, Senate President denied that the proposal has as its objective “not interfere course” operation.

But, when dealing with the law of vigilantism, Renan said it “must have rules” to the award-winning collaboration.

“I will not change the law of whistleblower, although I understand that it must and can be modified. There is a law of 12 boards that will ever be worth the way it was done. The award-winning whistleblower must have rules because, if no, it compensates for the crime. What we are seeing are people who have given the diversion of public money, amassed millions and millions, then makes a whistleblower guided by the lawyer and negotiated with the authorities, delivery portion that looked and saved elsewhere”, said the President of the Senate.

in Congress, there are other projects that address limitation of winning vigilantism, one of the main bases of research Lava Jato.

In the camera, both PT Wadih Damous (RJ) as Heraclitus Fortes (PSB-PI) – which is the ally of the president based on Michel Temer exercise – already presented proposals to this effect.

Yesterday Renan also criticized statements leaks. “In the USA, the whistleblower leak, loses its effectiveness, is canceled. On here, no Brasil, leaks on purpose to force a judgment of the judiciary and public opinion. Freedom of expression is not only for the media, It is for everyone.”

Earlier this week, Attorney General of the Republic was critical to what he called an attempt to acordões and political maneuvering to prevent the advance of Lava Jato.

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A separate article of the project comes to wiretaps and provides imprisonment from six months to two years for those who play or insert in the file dialog of an investigation with another person who is protected by secrecy.

The situation recalls the leak of the conversation between former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and President Dilma Rousseff away on the proper term for minister.

In season, PT members argued that the president could not be stapled. The opposition said that the target was Lula, I had no jurisdiction.

The project foresees punishments for officials on the list of priorities Renan and will pass by the Regulatory Commission of Constitution, chaired by Juca. processed from 2009, the proposal was suggested during the discussion of the 2nd Republican Pact, but eventually forgotten in Congress.

Juca unaware said details of the proposal and joked no relation to the Lava Jato. “Who said there was abuse in Lava Jato? It is not I who is saying this”, said Senator PMDB.

Thursday, Senate President also announced a list of nine projects that would bring to a vote in plenary in the next two weeks.


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