Renan suffers defeat and proposal on abuse of authority is postponed

Senator Romero Juca managed to defer the proposal of the vote for the second half of this year.
13/07/2016 11h16 - Updated 13/07/2016 11h16
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Contrary to an accelerated analysis of the project on abuse of authority, Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) He managed to defer the proposal of the vote for the second half of this year. Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), I wanted the matter to be voted on this week.

At the meeting of the Federal Law Building Commission and regulations of the Constitution of Tuesday (12), Juca proposed to collegiate members that the matter be voted on tomorrow, so that they had time to review the report and decide on the theme.

senators, However, They protested about the short term and, after appeals from colleagues, Juca announced that the next meeting of the committee to address the issue will take place in 16 of August. He also did not rule out the holding of public hearings and even the possibility of the proposal being sent to other committees. If approved by the committees, the project will also have to be considered by the full House.

“Of course it is a project that needs to be discussed but rather consider that this is not the best way. We need to have time to discuss it, to analyze, hear the entities involved, analyze the Committee on Constitution and Justice. I do not think that reasonable today for tomorrow we are required to form an opinion about it”, said Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB-ES).

“No one has doubt about the need to improve this law, but the problem is the complexity of the time we are voting this matter. It can not be done with haste”, He endorsed Senator Simone Tebet (PMDB-MS).

During the discussion, she countered the thesis pointed out by some entities that the fact that the project was resubmitted at this time aims to disrupt the investigation of the operation Lava jet and intimidation of judges, prosecutors and judges.

“We have no intention to stop the Lava Jato but even to show that this is not the goal, it needs to be discussed in other committees, which pass through a sieve, even if setting a deadline for it”, said.

The postponement of the vote is one of the defeats suffered by Renan in recent days to try to topple a priority agenda for the Senate. The problem pointed out by party leaders was the lack of PMDB dialogue with other senators to set the package. They complained that they were not heard.

Last week, the two projects listed by Renan to be voted on had no agreement and their analysis were for this week. To try to appease the spirits, Senate President convened a meeting between the leaders in the afternoon.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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