Reporter is assaulted in a report on insecurity in Paraiba

The news crew called police who were standing near the site and they conducted searches in the neighborhood of Pedregal.
14/07/2016 10h25 - Updated 14/07/2016 10h37
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The TV reporter Paraíba, affiliate of TV Globo in Campina Grande, Larissa Fernandes, He was assaulted on the night of Wednesday (13) at a bus stop in front of the campus of the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), Bodocongó in the neighborhood. She made a report on insecurity in the institution region. A military police vehicle was about 50 meters from where the crime occurred.

According to the account of journalist, she was accompanied by cameraman AIDES Brazil and Henry Epifanio assistant and used the phone when a man approached her. By dint, he took the phone reporter, He ran inside a bar that was closed and headed toward the neighborhood of Pedregal.

“It was the second night I was on site to show the situation of students who are victims of insecurity and I, unfortunately, I was also victim. I had been using my cell phone to work to get in touch with the writing and the guy just took the phone from my hand. Still I tried to call the police, but he escaped. I had never imagined going through it, The more working”, told journalist.

The news crew called police who were standing in front of UFCG and they conducted searches in the neighborhood of Pedregal. Some approaches have been made, but the suspect was not located. Larissa Fernandes made police report at the Police Central, in the neighborhood of the Catolé.

On the night of Tuesday (12), several students of the university had been victims of a trawler in the same place that the journalist was assaulted. Four men have gone through the site, They yielded the students and took money.
no day 30 June 2016, the TV Paraiba news crew caught a robbery in the city Integration Terminal. minutes before, one educommunicator had been assaulted inside the terminal and had stolen objects.

More assaults on people in Campina Grande

According to the prominent event report of Center for Integrated Police Operations (ciop), five cases of theft the person were registered on Wednesday in Campina Grande. The cases occurred in the neighborhoods Santa Rosa, Bodocongó, Monte Castelo, Three Sisters and Jardim Paulistano. In all rounds, cell of the victims were taken. No suspects have been arrested, second to PM.

Source: G1

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