Revolt wake brand young dead before graduation, In Manaus

Thammyrys went to Sister graduation when she was approached by suspected. Family complained of delays in care.
21/07/2016 15h05 - Updated 22/07/2016 08h14
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The wake of the social worker Thammyrys Alexander was marked by emotion and anger of friends and family of the young, killed during a robbery on Thursday (20) In Manaus. She was shot when he went to get ready for her sister's graduation and succumbed to his injuries.

The body of the social worker was veiled in a church Compensates neighborhood, where also the crime occurred.

The Thammyrys aunt spoke to the press on site. thrilled, Francideusa Costa said robberies were recurrent in Compensates, neighborhood where the crime occurred, and that there was negligence by police. “[Era] a struggling girl, smiling, that had the mown life because of the irresponsibility of some police officers who are poorly prepared. We care [before] and he said he was having assault and they did not appear”, said.

Francideusa also said that health care took the young. “[The Samu] arrived late and left remove it from the car. If I was [over there], They had forcibly taken and given first aid”, said the woman, who helped create Thammyrys. “It was my niece, It was my daughter”, he added.

victim's father does not know of crime
The uncle Thammyrys told the press that the father of the young man is traveling to Manaus, but he still does not know that she was killed in a robbery. “He's coming for a daughter's graduation celebration and the, when I arrive, go to [burial] another daughter”, regrets Henri Braga.

As Francideusa, Henri also criticized the police action and medical care to Thammyrys. “The police were unprepared. [There was] imprudence Military Police. Here within the set has a primary school and a nursery. Era 16h30, time that children were leaving and there is a large flow of people”, commented, adding that there is a suspicion that the shot that killed the girl has left a gun from one of the police. “The Samu took 40 minutes to arrive and, when he arrived, They came two totally unprepared technicians. Not sent nurses”, completed.

The funeral of the young must be held on Friday (22).

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