Rodrigo Maia is elected president of the Chamber of Deputies

The MP won in the second round against Roger Rosso (PSC) by 285 votes to 170.
14/07/2016 07h15 - Updated 14/07/2016 13h21
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Congressman Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) He was elected early on Thursday (14) President of the Chamber of Deputies.

The MP won in the second round against Roger Rosso (PSC-DF) by 285 votes to 170. Maia qualified for the second round first, with 120 votes.

They were over 7 hour session, with 14 candidates entered for the term "buffer" until February 2017. The vote was held in 14 DRE, by secret vote.

“I never imagined I would be running for president of the Chamber of Deputies”, He said in plenary. “I'll be a 513. We will rule this house together”.

The deputy was the name that represented the former opposition Dilma Rousseff (PT), with support block parties as the PSDB, PSB, PPS e DEM. Deputy defeat the preferred name of President Michel Temer in exercise (PMDB), which sought to unify the Chamber articulating with "Centrão".

as prevention, the interim government officially remained free in the dispute not to create animosities. It turns out that over 200 Members of the "Centrão" are fundamental group to approve fiscal adjustment measures Temer want to send to Congress.

Temer The challenge now is to stop the feeling of revanchism of small parties, who may feel underprivileged. Maia has good traffic to it: is the fifth term as congressman. (Here is a deputy profile)


The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the highest representative of the House and second in line at the Presidential Palace. It is behind the vice president.

If the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away (PT) is consolidated, he climbs a post and will be the principal every time Michel Temer (PMDB) move away from power, by license or official trips.

As provided in Article 17 the Internal Rules of the House, the President is also the Day and organization of the Order of the convocation, with the leaders of parties, the agendas discussed at the House.

Friendly president to the government project puts forward the priority guidelines for the executive branch and blocks "guidelines bomb" that both haunted Dilma management in the era Cunha.


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