Romario quits to run for mayor of Rio

He also left the left the presidency of the PSB-RJ.
22/07/2016 11h48 - Updated 22/07/2016 11h48
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Senator Romario gave to dispute the city of Rio and left on Thursday, 21, president of PSB-RJ.

The most likely is that the Socialists of Rio support Senator Marcelo Crivella (PRB), but the party still talk with other pre-candidates. Mr Hugo Leal took over the presidency of the regional PSB.

“We were approached by many candidates and now the new leadership of the party will conduct negotiations. I never believed in this candidacy of Senator Romario, he never acted as candidate. It hurts much of the negotiations we were doing with other political forces”, Disse o presidente nacional do PSB, Carlos Siqueira, who met with Romario, in the river.

In justifying the withdrawal of play in the city, Romario said research showed the disapproval of his electorate candidacy. Asked if the senator continues in PSB, Smith said: “This has to ask him”.

The report had not been able to contact Romario until 12pm on Friday, 22.

Although it has launched the candidacy for mayor in June, Romario was still talking to other parties and even score, in early July, a meeting with the PSDB presidential candidate, Carlos Roberto Osório, and the national president toucan, Senator Aécio Neves (MG). The meeting eventually canceled.


Romario has had several episodes of disagreement with the PSB. In December last year, an intervention by the national command took Senator regional party presidency. In February this year, Romario returned to office. On the same occasion, the national PSB negotiated the membership of the party Crivella, but the agreement was not ahead.

Leading in the polls on voting intentions, Crivelli said he would accept dispute the city of Rio the PSB, since Romario agreed. Crivella and Romario said that the decision on the candidate's name would be taken later, but Senator PRB eventually decided to stay in the party for which he was elected.

The intervention last December was decided after the newspaper O Globo showed that parliamentary aide Romario Wilson Musauer Junior is charged with four murders. Musauer was also treasurer of the PSB-RJ. The national leadership was already upset with negotiations that the senator was leading to elections in Rio, without consulting the party.

Musauer denies involvement in crimes, occurred in 2004. When the news was published, Senator said “until proven otherwise, he is innocent” and that the aide had “all clearance certificates to take hold in the public administration”.

In the electoral race in Rio, They have been formalized in conventions applications from deputies Pedro Paulo, do PMDB, and Marcelo Freixo, PSOL. In the coming days will be adopted at convention applications Alessandro Molon (Network), Indio da Costa (PSD), Carlos Osorio (PSDB), Marcelo Crivella (PRB), Jandira Feghali (PC do B) and Flavio Bolsonaro (PSC).


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