Ronaldo Caiado reveals SUS transfers and states that Dilma's government scrapped health

Senator presented the lending table for Brazilian doctors and took more courage to Temer to have priorities in government.
19/07/2016 16h08 - Updated 19/07/2016 16h08
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Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), used his opportunity in the Senate to, among other things, show a table of transfers to doctors contracted by the SUS. To said table hands, Whitewashed revealed that a doctor who makes a stomach removal surgery in NHS patient, receives only $ 179,39, and a normal delivery guarantees only R $ 170 professional. The values, always under $ 200, also show that an orthopedic surgeon who treats a spinal cord injury receives about R $ 50 for consultation. The lower values ​​even more when it comes to routine consultations with specialized professionals in an area: R$ 2 each one.

Ronaldo also said that this table is not updated since 2004 and that the greatest neglect of health happened in the government of Dilma Rousseff, that in addition to not adjust the amounts paid to doctors in the public sector, It reached close about 25 thousand beds nationwide.

firm stance collection President Michel Temer

Whitewashed said it is not against any ruler, but that the national policy needs to have priorities, and health should be one. During his speech, said the President of, Michel Temer, You need to be braver, citing as an example the case of Macri, in Argentine, by winning the Kirchners.

In addition to courage, Whitewashed argued that Temer also be humble enough to recognize the condition in which the country is, making it clear that, according to the circumstances, can not people live as they think they can. Senator warns that only the truth and focus on priorities will be able to recover the country from the crisis in which it is.

The politician also said that was charged by the people who took to the streets calling for the impeachment of Rousseff must become the agenda of the interim president. For such claim, Whitewashed also spoke of projects that are being voted in the Senate and does not represent the charges made by the people.

Ronaldo also says that it takes courage to define what are the priorities and what are accessories, not wasting time with less context and situations that do not change the reality of the country, nor respond to people's questions. The senator's words were praised by netizens of their official social networks and pages and right groups. Besides that, most people were unaware of the amounts paid to doctors, which shocked many people and justified the lack of professionals in some regions.

Source: Blasting News

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