Russians may be out of the Olympic Games Rio 2016

Russia's government carries the biggest doping scandal of all time.
21/07/2016 14h21 - Updated 21/07/2016 14h21
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Behind the United States in medals, Russia can now be banned from the Olympic Games. The Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) It recommends that denied the participation of all the athletes of the Olympic Committee of Russia. An unprecedented scandal, involving the competitors themselves and the country's government.

The report 'bomb’
Everything began with the denunciation of the former director of the anti-doping laboratory of the Sochi Winter Games 2014. The New York Times published a story with statements of Grigory Rodchenkov, who claimed to have knowledge of the scheme established by the State. According to him, after the poor results obtained by the Russians in Vancouver Games 2010, the urine samples from athletes began to be manipulated and became positive “disappear”.

Hired by World Anti-Doping Agency (BUT), Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren investigated the case. The so-called McLaren Report concluded that the Ministry of Sports of Russia, including using the old KGB intelligence service, the secret police, mocked the positive doping tests. This practice would have started at the end of 2011.

The goal was to obtain better performance in Sochi Games, but the forgery had been made at the London Games 2012, the following year in Moscow Athletics World and, by last, the World Swimming 2015. The athletes were selected according to their medal chances and knew of the scheme. Were samples “clean” what, frozen, They were kept to replace the samples collected during competitions.

Putin reacts
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, reacted belying Rodchenkov and criticizing the report for having considered the statements of one person. Trying to politicize the issue and without admitting fraud, Putin also attacked the United States and agencies who have requested the deletion of their country in the games: “The Olympic movement has gone through a serious crisis and eventually divided… Now, we live in a review of that interference of politicians in the sport.” The statement Putin also said that this is a way of “transform the sport in geopolitical instrument of pressure and to form a negative image of countries and people”.

The decision of the International Olympic Committee (WATCH) It will be announced until next weekend.

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