Secretary of State for Communication celebrates 37 years of existence in Amazonian society

The Secom always sought to strengthen the community's dialogue with the State Government through the dissemination of actions and projects.
12/07/2016 19h26 - Updated 13/07/2016 06h03
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Created in 1979 to publicize the actions of the Amazonas State Government, the State Secretariat of Social Communication (If with) celebrates 37 years of foundation on Wednesday, 13 July 2016. In more than three decades of work, the Secom always sought to strengthen the community's dialogue with the State Government through the dissemination of actions and projects that provide growth and quality of life for the Amazonian population.

In this period, social change and communication platforms were no barriers to the fulfillment of its mission in society. The support of professionals from various fields of communication and administration contributed to the achievements of Secom, what, currently, agenda and produce their work with the support of the technologies that are part of the routine of many citizens.

Attentive to these new trends of information, the current Secretary of State for Communication, Augusto Amaral, It has been working to fulfill the purposes of communication in this era of modernity. "Our work has gained more pace with the use of tools that effectively communicate to everyone quickly and with quality. We are every day structuring our communication channels so that the objectives of the state government can reach the families of our vast Amazon. With the support of our professionals, I am once again writing a new Secretary of the history of the page in our state, and I take this opportunity to thank the affection, respect and support of all who believe in this work ".

With a commitment to align the digital language and train its employees, the Secom will be held on 15 July, from 8h to 17h, 1st Workshop on Social Media. The event will take place at the Government headquarters auditorium, Compensates the neighborhood, West zone, and it is aimed at communications professionals who work in the agencies of the direct and indirect administration and present the subject in various aspects, the handling of tools at their use as instruments of communication and marketing, to the legal approach.

In addition to changes in the way to inform, the history of Secom is also based on the life of those who always donated their talents and professionalism. The journalist Clair Ferreira da Silva is one of those examples of dedication at work in the office. She, who is a retired employee, coordinated by 12 years the area of ​​public relations in Secom.

"I lived many important moments in my life and career in the Secretariat, since we were responsible to answer the letters of the population the organization of events. Although it has acted in a time when there was no such technological apparatus, the Secretariat has never failed to do their job efficiently, as is currently being done with the practicalities of social networks ", he emphasized.

The Secretary of State for the Media (If with) It was established in the government of José Lindoso, by Law 1.336, no dia 13 July 1979, in order to disseminate the actions of the Amazonas State Government.

In 02 from May of 1991, the Government of Gilberto Mestrinho, It was extinguished as Secretariat, but act as Secretariat subordinated to the Government Secretariat. In the second administration of Governor Amazonino Mendes, He returned to the "status" of the Secretary of State, after modern physics and functional restructuring, according to Law No. 2.330, from 29 from May of 1995.

In 30 December 1998, by Law No. 2.528, still in Amazonino Mendes management, new organizational structure occurred in the administration of the Executive Power; the Secretariat of Social Communication was again extinguished and recreated with the Secretariat of the name of State for Communication and Information (If with).

By Law No. 2.600 in 04 February 2000, the Secretary of State for Communication and Information (If with) It is again organizationally restructured and is now called Media Agency (Agecom), body member of the direct administration of the Executive Power, responsible for the formulation and coordination, control and execution of the State of Social Communication System.

By Law No. 4.163, from 9 March 2015, the Agency of Amazonas Government Communication (Agecom) It is again organizationally restructured and is now called the State Department of Social Communication (If with), body member of the direct administration of the Executive Power.

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