Senator shows how Dilma defrauded the people and political shocks: 'It's just the tip of the iceberg’

Congressman Simone Tibet says will vote for the impeachment of Rousseff and impresses.
09/07/2016 13h22 - Updated 9/07/2016 13h22
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On Tuesday, 05, Senator Simone Tebet, elected by the Rio Grande do Sul PMDB over 600 thousand votes, impressed everyone to motivate what it would take to vote against the away President Dilma Rousseff. In the Senate impeachment Commission, she claims to have total certainty that the PT has committed crimes and says politics defrauded the Brazilian people. According to Simone Tebet, no fraudster puts own signature on a crime and that this is what the re-elected by the Workers Party (PT) I would have done.

Simone Tebet also criticized those who speak ill of Dilma charge and says the accusers seek “the egg”. She recalls that the Senate, unfortunately, only can analyze Rousseff accounts using the year 2015. “This is just the tip of the iceberg”, says Congresswoman impressing colleagues with an elegant and based discourse in the Brazilian constitution. For three minutes, the PMDB made it clear that anyone who steals and is hopefully enough leaves obvious traces of the crime.

The video with the Senator was quite supported by her followers on social networks. In a few hours, the publication had over 55 thousand views, showing the power of the internet throughout the process of impeachment. Below are some of the comments:

“Excellent exposure Senator! Congratulations for the work and for representing us so well! I just want to reinforce and ask for something very important”.

“The misrule PT transformed Brazil into an economic and political chaos…the Brazilian people are struggling to survive and the situation is increasingly desperate…the number of unemployed is alarming, it is necessary to adopt measures to generate jobs urgently”.

“Congratulations, Sen., how good it is to hear a representative of the Senate show that knows public management. It's horrible to listen to emotional speeches of party self-protection at the expense of a country. I'm not from your state but the lady is me”.

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