Hemodialysis Service Hospital Adriano Jorge will expand the service capacity in Manaus

The Susam intends to implement the fourth round in order to increase the capacity of care for chronic renal.
05/07/2016 12h56 - Updated 5/07/2016 12h56
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The State Department of Health (Sesame) intends to implement the fourth round, to expand the service to hemodialysis patients, Foundation Hospital in Adriano Jorge (FHAJ), in Cachoeirinha neighborhood,South of Manaus. The initiative is part of a series of measures that have been adopted, in order to increase the capacity to care for chronic renal. The information was released on Monday, day 4, the Assistant Secretary of the Special Attention capital, Wagner Souza, a hearing on the subject, in Amazonas State Public Defender (ECD-AM).

The fourth round will start around 20h and Susam already started a consultation to patients, to identify those who are able and interested to do the treatment at this time. A expectation, according to Wagner Souza, It is soon to be initiated to the service offering of the new time.

According to Souza, the State Government is strengthening the supply of care for chronic renal, with investment in its own structure. "The hemodialysis service deployed this year, na FHAJ, It began in April attending 31 and patients already moving to 96 ", He stressed. Besides that, through the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), the State Government passed the FHAJ, in June, resources of R $ 1,8 million, for implementation of the second unit of hemodialysis service structuring step. Thereby, its capacity will be expanded, he said, To receive 300 patients by the end of the second half.

For persons served by the Renal Clinic Manaus, He said the measures being adopted by Susam to expand the supply of the service aimed at, also, absorb these patients. The clinic notified the Susam that does not intend to renew the contract, to end on 18 of October, unless readjusted the value of the Unified Health System table (THEIR) for this type of service. "We are in conversation with the clinic, but if the decision is maintained, we are taking all measures to ensure there is no interruption of treatment ", he added, explaining that resources are federal and the table is the same for the whole country.

"It's not a decision that can be taken by the state or it can adopt a differentiated pay for the Amazon", highlighted, adding that the matter was discussed with the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, no last day 30, during the Assembly of the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass), in Brasilia (DF). The vote to table adjustment was brought to the meeting by the Amazonas Health Secretary, Pedro Elias de Souza and, upon your request, It was included in the list of demands by the Minister, who promised to analyze.

The representative of the Renal Clinic Manaus, Carlos Lins, who also attended the hearing on Defense, He confirmed he has talked about it with Susam, It stressed that the services will be held until October and, if necessary, which may be extended for another three to four months.

Service structure
In addition to the Renal Clinic and FHAJ, the Susam has an agreement for the hemodialysis service with the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (delusion) and more 3 private clinics conveniadas SUS, amongst them, Hospital Santa Julia, already normalized service.

The audience in the Defender was coordinated by the public defender Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho and was attended by the Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Leonardo Borborema, and President of the Amazon Association of Kidney Patients, Renata Carvalho.

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