Projects processed by the ALE-AM can now be accessed in real time

Through the system you can access the content of the projects, amendments, and data on commissions.
14/07/2016 08h26 - Updated 14/07/2016 08h40
Photo: OF-AM

The Legislative Process Support System (SAPL), virtual platform for monitoring the processing of projects, resolutions, Requirements and other proposals of the Amazon Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), It is now available for use by Members, servers and the general population, on the Internet. The information can be accessed on the link "SAPL" in the column of "Law and Projects", Parliament's Portal (, the bottom bar of the site, below the daily news.

O system, developed by the Senate and given the ALE-AM, allows the visualization of projects that proceed through the Parliament, from the moment that the proposal tabled by up to its adoption in plenary and referral to sanction.

According to information systems manager and ALE-AM of Applications, Milene Oliveira, the system has been powered with most of the proposals that are being processed in the House, but some projects are still being included in the system by the Office of Legislative Support, Standing Committees and Documentation Board. Some data, as voting agenda, providing audio and video over the sessions, They are not updated by the sectors responsible, but soon they will also be available in real time.

The platform can also access data on the permanent committees and the proposals that are under consideration in each Commission, in addition to data of parliamentarians and the list of all projects, requirements, and other proposals submitted by each of them, in chronological order.

For the chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), the system represents a new phase of transparency in Parliament, a development that will change the way the projects proceed through today in the Legislature, as it helps us to see where the project is, and how long it is under review. The president estimates savings of at least 50% spending on paper. He pointed out that the system had zero cost to the Parliament, since the whole system is being implemented in partnership with the Senate, and ALE-AM had to provide only servers and some equipment.

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