Army soldier killed doctor after charging cell, says police in the AM

Doctor was found dead in apartment in Manaus.
07/07/2016 16h01 - Updated 7/07/2016 16h01
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The Army soldier Igor Matheus Silva Negrao and, from 18 years, arrested after killing the doctor Emerson Carvalho Rios Sena, in a condominium in Manaus, He alleged to have committed the murder in self-defense. at the police station, on the morning of Thursday (7), he said he was sorry and asked for forgiveness crime. The Civil Police said the crime was motivated because the doctor failed to fulfill its promise to give a cell Igor.

The murder suspect was identified after the Civil Police release images of the location of the camera circuit. Igor was recognized by the military barracks where he was crowded. in pictures, the soldier appears arriving at the entrance of the apartment and, then, entering the triplex accompanied by doctor.

According to the delegate Ivo Martins, the guy, initially, did not provide data, but after evidence of his participation, finally confessed the crime.

In a statement to police, Igor reported that the crime occurred after an argument between the two. The reason was not informed by the suspect.

Even as the police, the soldier said the two were drinking together. However, the doctor would be with the changed behavior. Igor also reported that, after discussion, the victim would have gone to the kitchen and returned with a knife.

“In fact, he was already changed. He stressed and I have tava a little upset. He who assaulted me and I just did fight back. I saw him (sic) They are preparing to attack me and I just did defend myself. He jumped on my neck, He tried to stick me and he stuck. I had no intention of killing him. I did not know what was going to happen”, said.

He said he was sorry. “I just want to apologize to the family. I'm sorry, I really want to apologize to my family and friends. It is. I am sorry, Sorry. I do not know what happened, I did not recognize nor he recognized. He was changed, I was stressed”, stated.

The delegate Ivo Martins does not believe in the version presented by the suspect. Martins said that the doctor had promised to give a cell the soldier. The suspect had repeatedly charging the device, which could have initiated the discussion.

Cell phone
“On the fact, they were drinking. At one point, Igor charged cell. The victim would have been upset with this situation, continued drinking. He (Igor) continued charging the phone and, at a given moment, according to the version of Igor, we do not believe, the victim went to the kitchen and came back with a beer and a knife and began threatening him. Igor grabbed another knife and started fighting”, said the delegate.

According to police investigations, the doctor and the soldier knew since December 2015. The soldier shall be taken in Police Battalion Army, awaiting trial. He was indicted for aggravated murder for futile reasons.

family denies
doctor's family countered that the version of doctor was consuming alcohol and say they do not believe he tried to stab the suspect.

“The story that they took beer is implausible, is another fantasy. My brother does not drink anything, socially drinking a wine, in our family reunions. When I came in, I had an open bottle of beer, I had a glass smelling of beer. So, is another balela the idea that he would have left with a knife up the suspect. My brother is a flower, of my brothers is the most peaceable. Abhors any kind of violence. It is unable to offend someone”, said the brother of the victim Adison Sena.

Source: G1

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