'I am against speaking privatization of Petrobras', says company president

Pedro Parente pointed out that one reason for the state of the crisis was “deliberately make the choice dishonest to lead the company.
18/07/2016 14h05 - Updated 18/07/2016 14h05
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The president of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, told Folha that there will be “dogmas” the sale of assets of the state and admitted to study shared control with the private sector of some subsidiaries, as BR Distribuidora and Transpetro.

“Assuming we open the greater part of the control, It is with cocontrole”, he said, noting that this will be carried out according to three conditions: maximize the value of assets, preserve verticalized company and maintain its strategic interests.

Dogma, Relative to, It is just the privatization of state. “I do not think that Brazilian society is ripe for even discuss, yes this is dogma, the privatization of Petrobras.”

In an interview with the Folha de São Paulo office, Parente said the officers involved in petrolão “They were chosen with the intention” to practice crimes and pointed out that one reason for the state of the crisis was “deliberately make the choice of these dishonest to lead the company”.

Name appointed by the interim president, Michel Temer, as one of the strengths of his government to gain market confidence, Parente smiled before answering if the company would be a possible back Rousseff. “Do not know. I have no idea”, he said.

Gigantism Petrobras contributed to the deviations investigated in Lava Jato?

The company made several changes to internal controls, we no longer monocratic decisions. Today, business decisions are made in statutory committees to prevent this problem from happening again.

Given the intentionality of agents who committed these crimes, It is hard to believe that the problem has been this or that way the Petrobras makes their purchases and their bids. They would give a turn in any type of system because, In the end of the day, the achievement of the practice did not occur in the company, in signing contracts. This money left after making the payment [to contractors], according to deletions. I have seen claim that Petrobras purchases regime was one of the causes. I have doubts. Because there was a very clear intention to act that way.

They had a lot of autonomy to decide, no?

they had, and there was a path that has proven very functional to what happened: require a much greater local content, including in areas where the country was unable to meet. All goals apparently authorized by the pre-salt, but then they showed unrealistic. E, because of these unrealistic goals, we need to build more refineries, do more contracts of this and that. And it is because these works that have produced results that have the situation today.

The intent of these agents turned Petrobras victim is the main reason, not gigantism.

Petrobras should be sliced ​​to be more efficient?

I'm there to prove otherwise. I would absolutely against it to be sliced. I want to make clear that I am against speaking privatization of Petrobras.

And the national content?

I am in favor of a national content policy. What I find unacceptable is not possible to be a market reserve policy. Perhaps the most serious injury was the delay in construction. We have to see what the country is better able to produce with competitiveness.

Or sr. It is in favor of the return of the concession model in the pre-salt?

The sharing model is the least favorable for companies. But this is a matter of government policy.

The sales target of US $ assets 15 billion this year will be maintained?

Between US $ 15 billion and US $ 16 billion. Considering what we have done, which was not very, we are today with a target of US $ 14,1 billion. We are keeping the goal.

The sale will accelerate?

I can not say yet, but the big debate will be, taking into account the strategic issues of the company, which the speed with which we reduce debt. Under no circumstances will be worse than the placed goal.

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