SSP-AM discards pump occurrences in Manaus

According to the Secretariat any of the incidents recorded in recent weeks in Manaus was considered pump.
12/07/2016 14h59 - Updated 13/07/2016 06h03
Photo: Press Release / SSP-AM

On suspected explosive devices registered in recent weeks in Manaus, the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) advises that any of the events was considered pump, according to a survey already conducted by the Department of Technical and Scientific Police (DPTC), Civil police and Grouping Mars, unit specialized in meeting occurrences of this type of military police.

In the latter recorded today (11), as preliminary survey, it was a backpack with clothes nearby left in the War Training Center in Selva (Cigs). In another case near the Flower Carrefour, last Friday (8), also was a personal belongings bag a homeless.

According to the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, in all five cases, the reverse split Mars was triggered and followed strictly the protocols, with international standards, to isolate the site and to the destruction of suspect material. "We know the discomfort that events like this cause, mainly, the issue of transit, but Mars has followed in an exemplary manner all protocols ", Sources said.

Of the five events, only one, found small amount of black powder, without posing a risk of explosion, in Petrópolis neighborhood, in the Parish of St. Peter.

On the possibility of hazing, the secretary said that in some cases you can not even say that in fact it was a false report, since the citizen called only to report that there was a suspicious bag or something, without specifying the suspected bomb. "All cases are being investigated separately, and those that are proven that it was a hoax, the author will answer for this crime, we consider serious, the inconvenience it causes to the city ", he said.

Sergio sources also ruled that the events are simulated events by the system. "All simulated events we do are anticipated advised to society through the press, mainly, because we know the inconvenience they can cause ", highlighted.

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