STF requires government to provide disposable diapers for people with disabilities

The decision should have an impact of R $ 2 billion a year in public finances. Ministry of Health, He said it will appeal.
15/07/2016 13h53 - Updated 15/07/2016 13h53
Photo: Fellipe Sampaio / SCO / STF

The President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, decided today (14) maintain decision of the Federal Court requiring the People's Pharmacy Program Brazil, Ministry of Health, to provide free disposable diapers to people with disabilities.

According to the Attorney General's Office (AGU), the decision should have an impact of R $ 2 billion a year in public finances, value equivalent to almost the entire annual budget of the program.

in the decision, Lewandowski rejected appeal of AGU to block the decision of the Federal Court, understanding that the state must guarantee the protection of persons with disabilities. On the financial issue, the minister understood that was not proven in the process "the danger of serious injury to the values ​​of order and economy".

"That is why, if any risk of harm to public health, this reverse serious, characterized by the affront to the principle of human dignity and the constitutional provisions guaranteeing people with disabilities to state protection for the enjoyment of the fundamental right to health ", He decided the President of the Supreme Court.

Not appeal, AGU also informed that Brazil Supreme People's Pharmacy Program does not provide diapers for free and that seniors receive the benefit due to the Elderly. According to public lawyers, Private pharmacies must meet several criteria to be later reimbursed by the National Health System (THEIR).

The program was created by the Ministry of Health to increase the population's access to medicines through its own network of pharmacies or partnerships with private drugstores.

The Ministry of Health, He said it will appeal the decision.

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