TCE-AM is x-ray performance Amazonian municipalities

From the 1st until the day 26 August performance and good practices with public spending 62 municipalities will be measured.
28/07/2016 11h42 - Updated 28/07/2016 11h42
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The Court of State Auditors (TCE-AM) will measure, from August 1 until the day 26 August this year, performance and good practices with public spending 62 Amazonian municipalities. The survey - dubbed Effectiveness Index of Municipal Management (IEGM) - It is the result of the accession of the TCE-AM to technical cooperation and operational, signed between the Institute Rui Barbosa (IRB) and the Audit Courts across the country, They are working to present to society a national X-ray of the municipality's actions.

By means of a detailed questionnaire, to be made available on the ECA website ( on Monday (1º), the IEGM will generate a report on the effectiveness of investments in seven areas (education, health, planning, fiscal management, environment; protected cities and governance in information technology), which will allow the company to make a quick analysis of the means used and the results.

The data will be made available in a state ranking in the portal and TEC, later, entered in the national ranking, through the National Indicators Network (Net Rate). Who does not respond to the survey, whose information will be cross-checked with data provided monthly to the Audit Court, It may be nationally ranked as a bad-manager.

The IEGM is composed by a combination of government data, data accountability and information gathered from questionnaires filled out by the Municipalities and assess the quality of spending, policies and municipal activities, establishing management visions for seven dimensions of the implementation of public budget, selected from its strategic position in the context of public finances.

Registration mayors and secretaries
IEGM coordinator in Amazonas, The server Izabel Cristian Seabra said that all mayors have been warned, through craft, on the survey and the importance of answering it and sign up for research.

"We are at the stage of accreditation of municipalities and their secretaries. All were given a letter informing about the IEGM, on the data platform and about the importance of answering the online questionnaire. What will happen to the city that does not respond? He will leave with zero in electronic audit and it will be posted on the national platform, which will be terminated by universities, Audit Courts, federal government, state government, the planning sector companies and etc. ", said Izabel Cristina Seabra, to emphasize that the new electronic audit enters the permanent calendar supervision of all courts of Brazil accounts.

When asked about the possibility of the manager to report data that does not correspond to reality, Izabel Cristina Seabra said, so the manager enter data, ECA technicians will make collating data with the information that the Court access. "Informing about the applications in education basic, for example, we have to cross the information to the database of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb)”, he said. The tabulation of the data will take place in September and sent to national publication.

Research should help improve HDI

Supporter of IEGM, the presiding TEC, Ari Moutinho Junior, He pointed out that the tool should help in the effectiveness of municipal administrations and, consequently, collaborate with the improvement of the Human Development Index (IDH), since the managers and the company will have an overview of the administration.

According to the advisor, no use only get charging managers to invest 25% education, but see what has improved or know how much they spent on infrastructure. Para o TCE, important to know what is improving in all areas. "The Court has to stick to the effectiveness of claimants, not only the issue of legal parameters. Today, HDI is the one that best measures the profile of municipalities, because it encompasses all aspects os. The IEGM, of course, should contribute to the improvement of the HDI in the Amazon ", finished.

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