TEC provides consultation by CPF managers with reproved accounts and new list

The judgment by the Court of Cortes, It is one of the Electoral Court's criteria for declaring the ineligibility of possible candidates.
25/07/2016 14h39 - Updated 25/07/2016 14h39
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A 22 days to send the Electoral Court the final list of names of managers with accounts reproved by the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) for misuse of public money, the presiding TEC-AM, Ari Moutinho Junior, delivered at the end of this morning (25), the electoral regional procurator Victor Riccely Lins Santos (Electoral Prosecutor), the penultimate relationship with more than 500 names. The list has already been entered to the SIS Electoral Accounts System.

The same list is already available on the ECA website (www.tce.am.gov.br) the society, what, since today, You can also refer to the manager's situation through the CPF or name, the link Quick Access. The judgment by the Court of Cortes, as the Clean Record Law (Complementary law 135 from 2010), It is one of the Electoral Court's criteria for declaring the ineligibility of possible candidates.

The current list has the names of the prefectures expenses ordenadores, chambers and bodies of the direct and indirect administration of the State and the Amazonian municipalities improperly used public money and, that is why, had accounts deemed irregular by the collegial from 2008. The list were excluded those who had resources granted by the ECA, which gave priority to resources trials of managers reproved accounts in this period.

Upon receiving the new listing, the electoral prosecutor Victor Riccely, He pointed out that the data is already being accessed by electoral prosecutors throughout the state. According to him, based on the SIS Electoral Accounts listing, prosecutors are already anticipating the candidates contesting actions, whose term begins next day 18 and has short term. "It is essential that advance the delivery of the TEC listing, which helps to determine whether the alleged candidate may incur in the ineligibility and be framed in the Clean Record Law ", commented.

Beside the vice president of the EC Treaty, counselor Yara Lins Santos, o presidente do TCE, Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, reported that the final list of names of managers will be delivered by the Court of Auditors on 15 of August. "With the monthly listing, entered into the SIS Electoral Court and the portal body, the ECA fulfills its role in the electoral process, helping to ward off evil managers and yet warning society about those who embezzled the exchequer. We deliver all lists within, as requested and, the form, It happens to the latest listing, always transparently ", he said.

new query

In consultation by CPF, provided by the Chair of the TEC from this second (25), citizens can find out if the public manager has or reproved accounts. Just insert the document number or the name or part of the manager's name. By making the query, It will generate a list of the numbers of cases that put on the list of jurisdictional likely to be barred by the Electoral Court through the Clean Record Law, if you are interested to stand for election this year. If the citizen has an interest in the respective process, just ask the Court.

Regarding the query for CPF / Name, which can also be accessed from any smartphone, the electoral prosecutor Victor Riccely Lins Santos congratulated the initiative of TCE-AM and evaluated which is an important contribution to society, you can see if your candidate, as public ex-manager, It had its audited accounts. "In this period of caucuses, this consultation will also allow partisan associations know if your affiliate runs the risk of being barred from the election process ", evaluated.

The production of the consultation system was produced by the Directorate of Information Technology (incense) based on data collected by the General Secretariat of External TEC Control.

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