Temer says it will to several countries after August

He said he planned to attract investments to the country.
04/07/2016 10h43 - Updated 4/07/2016 10h43
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Interim President Michel Temer said on Monday that travel abroad, after August, to help attract investments to the country.

“Soon after August, I plan to travel by several countries to encourage foreign investment in Brazil”, Temer said the opening of the Global Agribusiness Forum 2016, in Sao Paulo.

The final judgment of the impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff away is planned for the end of August.

Traditionally, the first trip by a Brazilian president to the outside is for neighboring Argentina, one of the main trading partners of the country.

But, according to a source in the Presidential Palace, Foreign Minister Jose Serra is pushing Fearing for his first trip to China is, or at least that China is the second to be visited.

In his speech on the morning of Monday, the acting president thanked the support of the productive sector to the government, and listed what has managed to do since Dilma cleared, repeating, among others, the improvement in executive relationship with the Legislature.

Fearing took to justify the adjustment of officials' salaries, that will have an impact around 60 billion reais to 2019, to prevent strikes that would be very bad for the government and country.

“I say very frankly: if we did not do that agreement that was established way back, at levels below inflation… We could have strike in the judiciary functionalism, the Public Ministry, in several key sectors, It would be an extremely politically very disastrous thing for the government and for the country.”

Source: Exame.com

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