Temer want to co-opt Cunha allies to support his government

He said: “I want to dehydrate this thing Centrão and another group. It is necessary to unify this. I want it all situation”.
15/07/2016 10h04 - Updated 15/07/2016 15h29
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President Michel Temer in exercise said, in an interview with O Estado de S. Paulo, you want to implode the Centrão, group of medium-sized parties and still connected to the former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), that is about to be impeached.

“I want to dehydrate this thing Centrão and another group. It is necessary to unify this. I want it all situation”, he said. O “another group” refers to the former opposition, comprising PSDB, THE, PPS e PSB.

Temer trust recess white this month to the “small notches” left in the race for the House command are healed.

“A wound lasts no more than 15 days, is not true? If you hurt, you will see that to dali 15 days have formed a cone. The cone dissolves.”

One day after the victory of Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), supported by the Plateau and the PSDB for the presidency of the Chamber, Temer said he will use the 15 days of the recess to form the second tier of government. The direction of Furnas, for example, You will have the PMDB bench Mines.

Or sr. reckons Rodrigo Maia deputy election to the presidency of the House represented PT defeat, former President Lula, the far President Dilma Rousseff and Eduardo Cunha?

Congress wanted to give a message of support to the government, with the two candidates who went to the second round (Rodrigo Maia e Rogério Rosso, do PSD, Centrão candidate). I think there has been a distension in the House. The candidate who had the support of other wings was just our PMDB Marcelo Castro. What remains of all this it was to support government.

And a defeat could have impact on the impeachment of the vote away from President Dilma Rousseff?

Admittedly, if there is another kind of victory now would say “Ah, the government lost”, give another interpretation. If the Plateau was defeated it would be negative for the government and for the country.

The Centrão left sullied, President, It is crumbling…

Today, talking to Rodrigo (Maia), Our idea is to end this history of division. What there were small grooves, small cracks. White recess will help. When you arrive in August, there will be no scar. I want to slowly dehydrate this thing Centrão and another group (formed by former opposition). I want no more such thing. It is necessary to unify this. I want it all situation.

Or sr. will reshuffle to accommodate the allied base after the dispute in the House?

That I will examine course after the Senate decide (to defer to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away). It would be rushed any other statement. But I do not think there are wounds in the ministerial base. In parliamentary base, it goes. Especially because now is the recess.

But as or sr. will heal these wounds? They were scars.

It's not just me that it is healing. A wound lasts no more than 15 days, is not true? If you hurt, you will see that to dali 15 days have formed a cone. The cone dissolves and returns to normal.

Nesses 15 day appointments will leave the paper?

Let's close all. The names will be examined, guided by State of Law, establishing restrictions.

Who goes to the Tourism? Someone PMDB Mines?

We are looking calmly. The Mine PMDB bench is hitting with Furnas. I will return the state to them. Furnas may be more significant politically than tourism. Chesf has, Eletronorte, Eletrosul, Itaipu…

The rise of DEM and PSDB sets new hegemony in the government's allied base?

I think there has to be hegemony of base. By whom it is made not matter. If I speak of hegemony of one or the other I will be sharing what I am trying hard to reunify. Of course, when problems arise, in February (new election for the presidency of the Chamber), there may be new drive.

Aécio Neves Senator (MG) He tried to close a deal to Mr.. would support one PSDB candidate for the presidency of the Chamber, in 2017. It is possible?

I tried not to go into this question of the House, but, when he began to have that thing that there was an opposition candidate and that would generate headlines “Temer defeated”, of course I had a concern. I did not go in these stories according to later. No right time, in January 2017, we examine.

Or sr. He plans to get away from Eduardo Cunha?

I too never approached me or others walked away. Always had a personal relationship and an institutional. I never had the kind concern “Ah, speak with so is doomed”. I talk to all of Brazil, I talk to opposition. By the way, I confess I do not know: as was the CCJ today (yesterday)?

Cunha suffered rout and now his case goes to the House floor.

It is a matter typically the House, you know decide. It left him fighting on the floor.

More or sr. He suggested that he resign, no?

No. Only when he spoke about it, passing, I said he should meditate…

Cunha came to tell their peers: “Today I am, tomorrow you are”. Or sr. not fear a whistleblower it in Lava Jato?

I do not know what he meant by that. Maybe he knows, but I would not know how to evaluate.

Or sr. He said that Lava Jato not shake its management, but informers companies that had contracts with Petrobras accuse politicians of the PT and the PMDB, among others, corruption. The government is immune?

The president is and I think the government also. I have no concern with it. From time to time one or the other speaks in my name, but it is so irrelevant that, if I expression, no glue, it is not?

Or sr. has shown willingness to talk with the opposition. When will be this?

In matters of state, not the government issues. The government issues have absolute conviction that they would not support. But (…) Social Security, for example, It is something that gives to talk because it is not for today.

Or sr. will seek the former president Lula?

We must first wait out the decision of impeachment, it is not?

How will your participation in elections? Or sr. go up on the dais of Marta Suplicy?

I will not climb on dais. I complicated because I have a very broad parliamentary base. I am no longer president of the PMDB. Today I have to take more caution.

Or sr. It is troubled when it is called coup?

Nothing, Because I'm not. Only if it is a con man who is supported by the Constitution. If this is to be scammer… (It is silent and laughs). I think grace.

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