Temer transferred R $ 2 bi the prefectures of allies

The boxes of the municipalities are supplied through agreements released in less than two months.
25/07/2016 12h45 - Updated 25/07/2016 12h45
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In the first year in which the electoral law imposed a ceiling of expenditure for campaigns, President Michel Temer in exercise fueled the prefectures box with about R $ 2 billion in agreements released in less than two months.

Newspaper survey The State of S. Paulo, based on the Comptroller General data, It shows that the values ​​were transferred to 2.448 municipalities and were made to 5.213 works.

Some ministers took the release to blandishments to political bases. Pasta and Transport, Sport, Agricultural Social Development and Science and Technology focused in the transfers of their respective holders.

The amount of releases is equivalent to two-thirds of that removed President Dilma Rousseff transferred to municipal authorities between January and early May: R$ 2,9 billion.

We 133 days when it was the incumbent this year, the PT paid R $ 21,8 one thousand, average, daily, a 2.413 counties. To fear, in 51 days, transferred, average, R$ 38,1 thousand per day.

Data refer to the 2 July, when the electoral law imposes restrictions on transfers.

The increase in cash helps accelerate and complete works that can be showcases for mayors who dispute the re-election or their candidates in a year in which the campaigns tend to receive fewer resources.

The Supreme Court has forbidden the financing of campaigns to companies, and electoral reform passed by Congress last year established, for the first time, a ceiling of expenditure.


With 1.024 mayors in 2012, o PMDB, Temer party, It has the largest number of municipalities in the country and expects to grow this year.

As the Temer base includes most of the parties, covenants ultimately benefits mayors of the national coalition. After the PMDB, the legend that more elected mayors 2012 was the main ally, the PSDB, with 702 elected.

A PT, largest opposition party, the third was, with 635. Then come other allies at the national level: PSD (497), PP (469) e PSB (442).

The data also indicate that Temer government ministers took advantage of the increase in releases to blandishments to their bases.

Minister Gilberto Kassab (Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications) repassed 37,4% of funds to the State of São Paulo, for where you want to be elected senator 2018. Kassab is licensed president of PSD.

Transport Minister, Mauricio Quintela Lessa (PR), transferred 36,8% to Alagoas. He is president of the party in the state.

Osmar Terra (Social Development and Agrarian) released 16,5% to Rio Grande do Sul, where he is first vice president of the PMDB regional directory. Leonardo Picciani (Sport) repassed 12% to Rio.

Your father, Jorge Picciani, He is President of Rio PMDB and the Legislative Assembly.

Departments and agencies

The survey of transfers to municipalities shows that, in some ministries, the electoral college of the incumbent minister is not decisive for the releases, but, sim, the political influence of regional leaders.

In the Ministry of National Integration, for example, the largest transfer goes named the influence of regions who run departments and agencies linked to the folder.

Pará, State Minister Helder Barbalho (PMDB), son of Senator Jader Barbalho (PMDB-PA), only received R $ 1,1 million of a total of R $ 185,5 millions ministry.

But the Rio Grande do Norte, State former Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB), received almost 70% the resources of the National Department of Works against Drought (Dnocs).

Of the R $ 8,7 millions, R$ 6 million went to the dam of Oiticica. Former Minister Dilma and Temer, Alves had influence at the Dnocs command in two terms.

The Development Company of the Valleys of the São Francisco and Parnaíba (Codevasf) had their transfers in Temer government distributed predominantly two states.

They were R $ 7,1 millions (34,6%) of Piaui municipalities and R $ 6,1 millions (29,7%) to Maranhão.

Their area, However, also covers Alagoas, Bahia, federal District, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and Sergipe.

The concentration is explained by the influence of the national PP president, Senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), and former Speaker of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA).

The Department of Hydropower Infrastructure, linked to the folder, had almost 80% of its resources in Temer was distributed among three states.

Of the R $ 98,2 million released, Alagoas got 33,4% (R$ 32,8 millions), Ceará with 30,5% (R$ 30 millions) and with Paraíba 15,7% (R$ 15,5 millions).

Alagoas and Ceará have been two of the main leaders of the national PMDB, Senate President, Renan Calheiros (AL), and the leader of the bench in the House, Eunício Oliveira (THIS). The concentration of resources comes, according to sources, the influence of both.

Another case is the Ministry of Tourism. Of the R $ 91,6 million released in the period, Santa Catarina was the state that received resources: R$ 11,2 millions (12,2%).

The justification is that the state controls the folder from the era PT and maintained control in government Temer.

Source: Exame.com

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