Ends tomorrow deadline for Dilma deliver defense to the Committee on Impeachment

With final arguments at hand, the rapporteur of the case, Senator Antonio Anastasia, will have five days to present its opinion on the complaint.
26/07/2016 12h28 - Updated 26/07/2016 12h28
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The defense away President Rousseff has until tomorrow (27) to deliver the closing arguments of the impeachment of the PT to the Senate Impeachment Committee.

Even having said, on his last trip to the Senate, no dia 6 July, that could anticipate delivery, as some lawmakers defended, the expectation is that the former Minister of the Attorney General's Office and responsible for defending the PT, José Eduardo Cardozo, only do this at the end of the period allowed, from 15 days, that is, tomorrow until the end of the day.

With final arguments at hand, the rapporteur of the case, Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), will have five days to present its opinion on the complaint. The report will be voted on by the committee, voting by simple majority - half plus one of the senators present session - and, then, in equal vote in the plenary of the House, under the chairmanship of President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, Shutting down, like this, pronunciation phase of impeachment.

If the decision is in favor of continuing the process, Dilma Rousseff will be submitted to the final judgment by the Senate. The expectation is that this phase lasts three days and begins in late August. In the final vote, if at least, 54 of 81 senators understand that the President has committed a crime committed, it will be removed from office permanently, besides being ineligible for public office for eight years.


In the closing arguments of the prosecution presented in 12 July the Special Committee of the Senate Impeachment, the complainants reaffirm that removed President Dilma Rousseff has committed a crime committed in the episode known as tax pedaling and issue additional decrees without congressional authorization.

Also in the document 131 pages, signed by the legal Bicudo, Miguel Reale Junior and Janaina Paschoal, the prosecution argued that there is evidence that the crimes committed by Dilma occurred, also, in 2015 e, in political tone, He says that Brazilians were "the only victims of scam" .

The thesis text refutes the defense that Dilma's impeachment would be a "coup". The indictment notes that the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) seal process, because it launched a further representation, containing, among other arguments, the same budget decrees and "tax pedal strokes" that make up the current complaint.

Source: Agency Brazil

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