Toffoli request will decide to cancel search the apartment Gleisi

The minister is responsible for decision released Paul Bernardo, husband of Senator.
12/07/2016 07h14 - Updated 12/07/2016 15h45
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Dias Toffoli will decide the order of the Senate to cancel the search and seizure warrants completed in functional apartment of Gleisi Hoffmann Senator (PT-PR) during Operation Cost Brazil. The senator is not investigated, but her husband, Paulo Bernardo, former Minister of Planning, I was in residence and was the target of searches.

During the judicial recess period, the process has to be analyzed by the president of the Supreme, Ricardo Lewandowski. However, the minister decided on Friday (8) that the case should be referred back to the rapporteur, Dias Toffoli, because it is not an urgent issue to be decided by the chairman of the tribunal.

Last week, in its opinion to the Supreme, Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Rodrigo Janot, He defended the legality of the searches and says that the functional property of the senator can not serve as a bunker.


The Senate appeal reached the Supreme on 23 of June, the same day that the operation was triggered. Initially, the injunction was distributed to the Minister Celso de Mello, that came to dispatch the process, sending the judge of the 6th Federal Court of the Federal Court justify the decision that determined the search and arrest of the former Minister of Planning Paulo Bernardo, husband of Senator.

However, Mello asked the president of the Supreme, Ricardo Lewandowski, that the case be referred to the Minister Dias Toffoli, due to the decision that freed former minister.

In the decision which granted freedom to Paul Bernardo, Toffoli understood that there was "blatant illegal constraint" in the decision that determined the prisons met in Brazil Cost.

the petition, the Senate lawyer argued that the judge responsible for the operation could not have determined the fulfillment of the mandates functional residence of Senator, because it is an extension of the Senate dependencies, whose assignment would be the Supreme Court. For a Casa, Gleisi was the victim of an illegal action.

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