Amazon Court is sinking, afirma Flávio Preview

TJAM President was in ALE-AM to ask for an increase in the budget of the agency.
12/07/2016 12h26 - Updated 12/07/2016 12h49
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The president of Amazon Court (TJAM), Judge Flavio Pascarelli, He said on Tuesday (12), in an interview on Amazon Legislature (hazard) that in budgetary terms the Court "is sinking". The judge was in Parliament for a meeting with MEPs, which requested an increase of at least 0,1% the budget transfer made to the Court. The request is due to the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) which is under discussion in the ALE-AM and must be voted on this week.

According to him, with the fall in the collection of the State, the TJAM is having a deficit by R $ 3 million per month just on the payroll, and current twelfth, funds transferred by the State Government to the Court, It is not meeting the needs of the body.

"The Court is sinking we umd éficit three million only regarding the issue of people. Three million per month, calculate it in 12 months and a pay progression to the next year. The situation is only going to worsen. What I'm asking is the minimum, is recovered 0,1% but I'm not saying you should leave the Assembly ", said.

Also according to the judge, the amount of the increase that would meet the Court's requirements, corresponds to approximately R $ 6 million or R $ 7 millions, which for him is not a difficult question to answer.

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The tight situation TJAM is not new. There are at four years, the organ of the budget complaint, and even received help from the Legislative Assembly and the State. In 2010, the TJAM had increased constitutional transfer, leaving 6,5% for 7% the collection of the State. In 2011, when he threatened to close 36 counties do inside for lack of resources, TJ-AM was able to increase once again the transfer of 7% that year to 7,4% from 2012.

Two years ago, ALE approved an increase of 0,4% the budget TJAM, about R $ 24 million at the time, and 0,2% ALE budget and 0,2% the Government of the State budget. The justification was that the funds would be invested within, but then the Court has to pay the housing allowance of judges and granted salary adjustment, despite making some investments in regions of the interior.

Whereupon, last year, the ALE-AM, already tight financial situation, approved changes in LDO who returned to Parliament about 0,1% the Legislative transfer.

Even so, the benefits paid to judges grew 39% of the benefits paid last year, according to data from TJAM Payroll, available on the agency's website. The average gain of last year justices was R $ 31,2 thousand and now increased to R $ 43,5 one thousand.

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