Amazon Court partners with Army to enable Internet in the interior Counties

The Amazon Connected program envisages the installation 7,5 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables in riverbeds.
18/07/2016 18h00 - Updated 18/07/2016 18h02
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The "Connected Amazon" won support for its expansion in the Amazon. In this Monday, 18 July, the gvernador in exercise, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, He signed a Term of Agreement between the Amazon Court (TJ-AM) and the program to enable broadband for Justice Counties in the State. The Amazon Connected program envisages the installation, within three years, from 7,5 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables in riverbeds to interconnect the Amazonian cities to the World Wide Web.

During the signing of the agreement in TJ-AM headquarters, avenue André Araújo, Aleixo neighborhood, center-on area, Flávio Preview, He stressed that the consideration of the TJ-AM for the program is $ 1,2 million so that it can enable better working conditions of Amazonas Justice units. "We are entering this investment so we can see the inside of the Counties into the future. We have a very big problem of communication long ago. And with this project we believe will allow that the judicial units have an efficient telecommunication, allowing justice to be faster in all these units ".

The Amazon Connected program involves the construction of a telecommunications infrastructure, by launching a network of fiber optic cables in the bed of the Rio Negro, Solimões, Madeira, Juruá and Purus, through which services are provided with high capacity and availability, as Internet, telemedicine, Telehealth, Distance learning, among others, for indigenous and riverine population, schools, military organizations and government agencies. The cables will follow the course of rivers creating a route and Back Bone (central trunk), from which the services will be made available to schools, hospitals, government agencies and military organizations.

The Amazon Project Connected has advanced with the cable release subfluvial the stretch between the cities of Coari and Tefé, in March, connecting the two cities in a stretch of 242,5 km long. The next stretch is to launch Coari-Manaus, with 450 km and a total investment of R $ 18 millions, R $ 8 million from partnerships and the remainder in return for the Ministry of Education (GUY), What still pass on the ability to launch execution.

The 1st section was opened in July 2015 and comprises about 10 km fiber optic subfluvial, launched in the Black River bed. This passage serves as a technology demonstrator linking the 4th Telematics Center Area (4º CTA) with the 4th Survey Division (4ª DL), Brazilian Army Military Organizations. The head of the Integrated Center for Army Telematics, General Decílio Salles, He emphasized that these investments are promising to reduce communication distances of the Amazon region.

"The cost today for the whole project is R $ 500 millions, and this subfluviais cable solution is important because it has a high capacity traffic, we can ensure enough security. then we will have a national solution and low cost ".

The project, with completion scheduled in three years, It is run by the Army in partnership with the Government of Amazonas, through Amazon Data Processing Company (Sell), Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) and University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), and the Ministry of Defence, Telebras, Eletrobras and Ibama, among others.

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