TRT considers shutdown of bus in Manaus abusive

On Monday (11), part of the two companies fleet was paralyzed. Justice of the Amazon already had suspended strike.
13/07/2016 15h07 - Updated 13/07/2016 18h54
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The president of the Regional Labor Court of the 11th Region (TRT11), federal judge Maria das Graças Rosemary Marino, It considered the stoppage of public transport abusively Manaus. On Monday (11), part of the two companies fleet were even paralyzed after the Amazon Court order the movement of 100% buses.

The Union of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram) required, still in the second, TRT to the request for unconscionability strike and said he repudiated the action of the union. no document, the union claimed that the payment of the labor agreement – which was approved on 8 Of this month – It's in progress. It also alleged lack of population to care contingency plan and also the art of non-compliance. 13 of Law 7.783/1989 for the prior notice of strike.

The examine the application, the President of the Court stressed that the normative judgment on the payment of the labor agreement was published in the Journal Electronic Journal of Labor Justice, no dia 6 July and, considering the period of 8 days for bringing ordinary appeal, the decision has not yet moved in judgment and, for this reason, compliance is not required immediately.

Thus, the magistrate considered the illegality of the strike and the suspension of the strike movement under penalty of R $ 100 thousand in the decision failure cases.

The partial shutdown of public transport users in this second damaged. Bus stops were crowded and passengers complained. According to Sinetram, near 70 thousand are affected by the partial shutdown in two companies.

Road Manaus had decided at a meeting paralyze 100% of the bus fleet on Monday. The unanimous decision came after a meeting between the class servers and the Union of Workers in Manaus Road Transport (STTRM), in the late afternoon of Thursday (7).

The category claims the payment of the salary adjustment 8%, authorized by the Regional Labor Court (TRT).
Employees of companies, who preferred not to be identified, They told G1 that the strike is an initiative of drivers and conductors. They complain about late payment of wages.

The Justice upheld, not Sunday (10), the request for urgent protection of Amazon Public Defender to prevent the stoppage of public transport service, under penalty of a daily fine. The Diogenes Vidal Pessoa Neto judge set fine of $ 50 thousand for each company per day of violation or attempt to subvert the decision.

On Friday (8), the Labour Court had determined that 70% Manaus of the public transport fleet operated at peak hours only 30% the total number of vehicles during the strike paralyzed.

Source: G1

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