Ufam open registration for the PSC 2017 in this Monday(1º)

Registration is open from 1 to 22 August 2016, in the Standing Committee page contests of Ufam.
29/07/2016 14h14 - Updated 29/07/2016 14h14
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The Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) announced the opening of entries for the selection process Continuous (PSC 2017) between the 1st and 22 August 2016. The PSC is carried out in three stages for the students of the State of Amazonas School. Finalists compete for 2.735 vacancies, and 1.910 to Manaus units. Others 825 seats are distributed among the campuses of the interior.

Students who are enrolled in the first year competing for the first stage. These candidates should be aware that, when they are able to choose the course of this selection process show, may only elect graduations whose offer of vacancies is for one of the 15 academic units of capital. See the first milestone announcement.

From 2019, PSC only cover the vacancies offered in the courses of Academic Units Manaus, while vacancies offered in the courses of the Interior of the units will be filled through the selection process for the Interior (PSI). This is, Enem and PSI are the only forms of entry to courses outside headquarters.

In the second stage, competing students who are enrolled in the second year of high school. And in the third, the graduates in 2016. For these two groups, PSC rules remain the same. That is, they can apply both to vacancies offered in 80 courses in Manaus or those intended to 34 inside the courses.

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Candidates compete for the third stage 2.735 places for the school year 2017, of which 1.910 They are intended for courses offered in Manaus and 825 the courses offered in institutes outside headquarters. Read the Notice of Step 3.
The final score in the PSC is the sum of points obtained in each of the three stages of the competition. Besides that, the choice of the desired course is allowed only for graduates.

Registration is open from 1 to 22 August 2016, in the Standing Committee page contests of Ufam. The applicant must pay the registration fee of R $ 45,00 (forty-five reais), It is collected through a bank paid exclusively in the Brazil Bank branches.

This year, the evidence of the 2nd and 3rd stages of the PSC will be applied in Manaus and 61 municipalities of the State. As for the evidence of the 1st stage will be applied only in Manaus, Benjamin Constant, Coari, Humaita, Itacoatiara and Parintins, but only to run the capital of courses.

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