'I passed the moral and ethical boundaries', says snitch on tuition Renan, Juca and Braga

Nelson Mello said he paid $ 30 million Milton Lyra operator that would have gone to Romero Juca, Eduardo Braga, Renan Calheiros and Eunício Oliveira.
02/07/2016 11h33 - Updated 2/07/2016 11h44
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In tipoff according award signed with the Attorney General's Office, former executive of Hypermarcas, Nelson Mello, He said that investigators sought after realizing that "exceeded the moral and ethical boundaries" when making payments to the lobbyist Milton Lyra. According to the informer, to become aware of errors, he would have been annoyed and decided to seek the prosecution.

Mello detailed and presented, prosecutors, evidence of the transfer of approximately R $ 30 million for Lyra. The values, according to whistleblower, would like destination Romero Juca senators, Eduardo Braga, Renan Calheiros and Eunício Oliveira - all PMDB.

in testimony, Mello said to know Lyra in the anteroom of the former senator Gim Argello, currently stuck, "Drew the attention of the witness the opening of Milton relationships in the Senate and Milton kindly presented people in the Senate, not to mention benefits or payments ". Also according to the whistle-blower, After this presentation, already in 2013, Milton sought his R $ 2 million to help friends who have political activity expenses ".

On these "friends" who would be helped, the informer pointed out that "even before the request for money" found "Romero Juca in institutional relationship through Milton and went to the house of the Senate Presidency, when I was president Renan Calheiros ". According to Mello, these occasions, he met "many senators, as Eunício Oliveira, Eduardo Braga and Renan Calheiros "and realized that Milton" was respected and had prestige "among them. When receiving the request for payment Lyra, Mello "saw it made sense to pay because he had several friends and said that the Senators helped the bases, They had campaign expenses ".

In the order that authorized the searches in the house and in Lyra companies, Minister of the Supreme Court, Teori Zavascki, He pointed out that the statements of employees "come already supported, fully or partially, the testimony given by Delcídio Amaral ". Your agreement, Senator impeached alludes to Milton Lyra as a person "who has a very strong presence with pension funds and financial system" and a "direct proximity to Senator Renan Calheiros".

The criminalist Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, the kakay, categorically rejected the involvement of Eunício Oliveira senator in alleged corruption scheme.

"O Milton (Lyra) It has no relation with the group Eunício. The Euníciol know Milton socialmenbte, in Brasilia, three or four times they met. Yesterday (Thursday, 30) night I was personally with Milton, he said he never talked about Eunício with Ricardo. "

In evaluating kakay, 'They are putting Eunício a cake that is not due'.

"Eunício campaigned for the government absolutely declared to the Electoral Justice. There is no irregularity in his relationship with these companies. Since Eunício entered politics, he even attends the confederation's headquarters, has no relation. He is a shareholder, but does not participate in management. "

Eunício de Oliveira, according to the criminal kakay, unaware that Milton Lyra would be a link in your campaign to the Ceará government. "Everyone knows socially Milton, but has no political contact with him Eunício. This story of Nelson (Mello, whistleblower case of Hypermarcas) the Milton Lyra presented is absolutely false. Do not put the Eunício a cake that is not his. "

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