Prison Unit Maués has the largest number of prisoners convicted of Amazonas

UPM has, currently, a quantitative 239 internal, and 210 men and 29 women.
22/07/2016 15h09 - Updated 22/07/2016 15h09
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The Prison Unit Maués (UPM), with headquarters located 356 kilometers from Manaus, It has the best Amazonas State convicted prisoners index. Around 71% the prison population has already been convicted, only 29% awaiting trial. The unit has, currently, a quantitative 239 internal, and 210 men and 29 women. According to the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), the municipality unit also records impressive numbers in education.

For the Secretary of SEAP, Pedro Florencio, the number of pre-trial detainees is extremely positive, since throughout the Amazon the amount of inmates who are awaiting sentencing comes 56%. "The work done in Maués are generating great results. The partnership with the judiciary has contributed to the unit can implement reintegration activities of the person incarcerated society ", said Secretary.

From 2015 until June of this year, the number of prisoners fell to repeat 19%, result of the rehabilitation work being done in the unit, which has several projects, as the "Amazon Literate", which has contributed to the internal literacy process, operation with the internal school unit, at where 39 inmates participate in daily classes.

In the first half of the year the classes were for 5th and 6th grades, in the second semester students will continue the lessons with the 7th and 8th content series. The unit has now zero index illiterate internal, besides having the best grades in the National High School Exam (one). The Prison Unit Maués has a library with more than 5 thousand copies in its collection, which are used for studies and readings.

For the director of the unit, Ademar Xico Gruber, projects contribute to the rehabilitation of the internal. "While the domestic is serving his sentence, he can use this time to do activities that will help your life in and out of prison. They have the opportunity to study and learn a trade ", said the director.

The unit also has a garden revitalization project, which has the support of an agricultural technician, who teaches theoretical and practical lessons for 20 inmates who participate in the activity. craft activities are also carried out in the unit, encouraging internal to produce materials that can turn into a form of income and mental occupation, in addition to helping reduce the sentence.

Detainee Maués was approved Sisu
Mario Fernando Oliveira de Souza, 59, the Prison Unit Maués (UPM), It was the only inmate of the prison of the Amazon system that could be approved in the Unified Selection System (content), in 2015. With a reduction in defense of teacher appreciation in the National High School Exam (one) for Persons Deprived of Liberty (PPL), Mario that helps us drive library services for over two years, could one of the eight vacancies offered for the Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences at the Federal Institute of Education, Amazon Science and Technology (Ifam).

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