Use the low beam on highways is required from today

Anyone caught with the lights will be fined R $ 85,12 and will have four points in the wallet.
08/07/2016 07h50 - Updated 8/07/2016 15h47
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Since today (8), the low beam on during the day on highways is required. Whoever is caught with the lights will be fined R $ 85,13, for minor offense, and will have four points on the driving license.

The objective of the measure is to increase road safety, reducing the number of accidents front. According to the National Traffic Department (Denatran), studies show that the presence of lights reduces from 5% e 10% the number of collisions between vehicles during the day. Most frontal collision is not caused by another vehicle perception by the driver, the time to react to avoid the accident or the wrong judgment of distance and speed of the vehicle that travels in the opposite direction exceedances.

The low beam can not be replaced by mile lighthouse, headlight or fog taillight, but the use of daytime headlamps Shooting (DRL – Daytime Running Light), or LED lights, It is released by the National Department. The DRL is a LED lights filament, present in most modern vehicles and triggered automatically when the car is turned on. The validity of the DRL for the new rule came to be questioned, but Denatran clarified yesterday (7) this type of lighting is also valid. The orientation to consider the DRL lights as a beacon down for legal purposes has been passed to the Federal Highway Police and the other organs of the National Traffic System.

The law establishing the measure was enacted by the interim president Michel Temer on 24 of May. The change came from a bill introduced by Congressman Rubens Bueno (PPS-PR) and it was approved by the Senate in April.

The use of low beam during the day is already required for bus, to run in its own way, and for motorcycles. It is also mandatory for all vehicles in tunnels.

In Brasilia, drivers should be even more attentive to the new measure, because most of the roads connecting the center of the capital to administrative regions is highway, as Road-Park Taguatinga (EPTG), Estrada Casco Park (EPNB), Via Structural, South and North Eixão and L4 South and North.

More road safety

The Federal Highway Police will today start fining drivers who are not with the lights on during the day on highways. Since the law was enacted, the police come talking to drivers about the importance of leaving the lights on.

For communications adviser PRF, Diego Brandao, drivers will have no difficulty in adapting to the new rule. "It's a cultural change. It is important that the driver is aware that, to adopt the measure, in addition to escape the penalties imposed by law, it contributes to the reduction of accidents, which is the most important ".

according to Brandão, any measure to increase the visibility of a vehicle can help reduce accidents. "Although there is no technical studies on the subject in PRF, we have different situations and reports on the cause of the accident was the lack of visibility. So, we believe that the increased visibility will contribute to this reduction ", says.

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