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The commission only reconvenes on 2 of August, for presentation of Antonio Anastasia report.
11/07/2016 07h56 - Updated 11/07/2016 07h56
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With the reading of written testimony from the away President Rousseff on Wednesday (6), by lawyer José Eduardo Cardozo in suing the Impeachment Committee, President of the college, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB), He closed the evidentiary stage of the impeachment proceedings against PT.

The commission only will reconvene on 2 of August, for presentation of Antonio Anastasia report (PSDB-MG). In this ocasion, the opinion shall be read in committee, for discussion the next day and vote on 4 of August.

Before that, until the day 12 July, the prosecution will send the final arguments to the collegial. Between the days 13 e 27 July, it will be up to the defense to present closing arguments. From then until August 1, the rapporteur will prepare its opinion on the case.


It's up to Anastasia opine to whether or not the complaint that Rousseff committed a crime committed. If the toucan's report welcomes the report and most of the college agrees with the opinion, the process goes to the floor of the House to vote.

The vote in plenary, according to the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), may occur on 9 of August, session chaired by the President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski.

Final judgment

No day 9 August the full Senate approve, by a simple majority, opinion by the merits of the complaint, the president away will the final judgment in one more vote in plenary. From there, the complainants will have a term of up 48 hours to present the so-called libel. In practice, it is a consolidation of the charges and evidence produced. The accusers should also submit a list of witnesses.

Then, the defense will 48 hours to submit a response, rebutting the points of libel, and also a list of witnesses. The Chief Justice will then be responsible for setting a date for the trial and summon the parties and witnesses, but for this, You will have to respect a minimum period of ten days.

The expectation is that the final judgment of Dilma Rousseff, which can lead to closure of the case or the permanent loss of his term, occurs between days 25 e 26 of August.

On the set date, the trial will be held at the Senate plenary, again chaired by the President of the Supreme. The parties may attend the trial or be represented by attorneys. witnesses may be called, to be questioned by the prosecution, defense and by Senators, to assume the role of judges. The questions of parliamentarians, However, They will not be made directly by them. As in a court, they will have to be forwarded to Lewandowski for him to make inquiries it deems appropriate.

The number of witnesses and the time the statements are not yet defined. There may be oral debate, but in this case, there is definition of who could speak. after that, the parties withdraw from the meeting for discussion among senators - it is also unclear how long each will have to manifest. Minister Ricardo Lewandowski then draw up a report, which is different from an opinion, because there will be no value judgment.


The next step will be a roll call vote. Senators will be called to the microphone to answer "yes", "No" or "abstain" to the following question: "He committed the accused Dilma Vana Rousseff crimes alleged against him, and it should be condemned to the loss of his job and the temporary disablement, for eight years, for the performance of any public function, elective or appointment?”.

Lewandowski will define how the call order. In this vote, are needed the votes of at least 54 votes, that is, two-thirds of the senators for most.


The Impeachment of the Committee in the Senate was installed in 26 of April. Since then, were realized 28 and more meetings 40 witnesses were heard, most of them indicated by defense away President.

Besides that, They were shipped 127 crafts, 166 documents were received, 135 documents lodged - 130 their approved. So far, the case file in the Senate already have more than 11,6 thousand pages distributed in 29 volumes.

Timeline of the Impeachment Commission suing:

- From 7/7 a 12/7: Deadline for submission of final arguments of the complainants

- From 13/7 a 27/7: Deadline for submission of final arguments of the defense of Dilma Rousseff

- From 28/7 to 1/8: Period for preparing the opinion of the rapporteur Antonio Anastasia

- Tuesday (2/8) Reading the opinion by the commission

- Wednesday (3/8): Senators discuss the opinion

- Thursday (4/8): Vote on the opinion committee

- Friday (5/8): Reading the opinion in the main Senate floor

- Tuesday (9/8): Beginning of the discussion and vote on the opinion in plenary (session can extend the early hours of Wednesday (10/8).

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