City Council Manaus: today is councilor Marcel Alexandre

The apostle is the author of the controversial project that prohibits the curriculum of schools the debate on gender ideology.
08/07/2016 07h46 - Updated 8/07/2016 07h46
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In his second term as councilor parliamentary we meet on Friday (8), is Marcel Alexandre (PMDB), which in theory should be an ally of former governor and former Minister of Mines and Energy, Eduardo Braga (PMDB), in action in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), but in fact, 'on top of the wall’ It is the expression that best matches the alderman, which is also an apostle of the International Restoration Ministry (ME) and important figure for the pope, the apostle Renê Newfoundland.

Marcel Alexander is the author of the controversial Bill 389/2015, prohibiting the curriculum of public schools the debate on gender ideology, which has already received the support of the majority of councilors and commands widespread controversy in society. The project also generated controversy after another councilman, that the defense of fellow project 'evangelical bench’ He said that only with '16 years a person could decide to burn the donut '.

The apostle also presented in 2011, a bill which required libraries and reading rooms of public schools possess copies of the Holy Bible, which generated controversy in society to understand that the apostle does not understand that the 'state is secular'. For Alderman, the use of the Bible that co-text would not be religious, culture but to serve as a reference for society. And those who do not see the book as a reference?

Fluff X Disobedience

In May 2014, the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) He suspended the purchase of fuel by councilors by Cota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (pad), but many councilors violated the decision of the organ and the apostle makes the list of disobedient. Marcel, segundo registro no site da CMM, spent R $ 2,7 thousand gasoline.

Still on the fluff, parliamentary appears in the ranking of the most used the benefit in December 2015, he spent a total of R $ 13,4 one thousand.


No last day 16 of May, CMM approved the Project of Legislative Decree No. 035/2015, Alderman authorship, granting the Gold Medal of the city of Manaus to the apostle Renê Newfoundland. Renê receive the award in recognition of the services rendered to society Manauara second text published on the CMM website. The medal is the highest award of the Legislature.

A survey conducted in July 2014 It shows that the heritage of the apostle increased considerably 2012 for 2014, year who applied for the position of State Representative, but was not elected. The assets of the councilor in 2012 era R$ 99,5 thousand and 2014 he declared to have R $ 432,7 one thousand. What difference, world?!

He deserves to be reelected?

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