City Council Manaus: Councilman today is Mario Fleet

Mario is the author of bills that make restaurants, bars and other establishments as intangible heritage of the city.
01/07/2016 07h38 - Updated 1/07/2016 07h38
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

Councilman Mario Fleet (PHS), He is in his third term as councilor, in 2004 He was elected vice mayor of Manaus, It was state deputy for two consecutive terms between 1999 a 2004 and between the years 1974 e 1982 It was federal deputy for the Amazon.

Mario fleet is known in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) as the councilor who speaks most and always passes the time when speech at the tribune. It begins with a subject, enters another, He speaks of his family, wife, children, schools the children and always when there is a matter in question, wants to compare his lifestyle with the lifestyle of ordinary citizens, undergoing several difficulties on a daily basis.

The congressman has been known since the year 2015, the authorship of bills in order to topple restaurants, bars and other shops in town. in May, this year were approved two alderman projects presented last year. The 'Restaurant Corner Peixada’ It was recognized as Well Immaterial of historical and cultural heritage of Manaus and the 'Cafe Pina’ also now is Intangible Heritage of Manaus City.

They are still pending before the CMM, projects that propose the registration of the 'Pagoda of Samba Resistance', the 'Sede Restaurant and Bar Star Ground’ and 'High Causeway Restaurant'.

Tipping is the instrument of recognition and protection of cultural heritage, it is as a set of movable and existing buildings, whose conservation is of public interest, either by their connection to memorable facts of history, either by its exceptional archaeological and ethnographic value, bibliographical or artistic.

Irregularities accountability

In September last year, the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), Mario thought the campaign accounts for state representative, in 2014, as not provided. The agency published in the Official Gazette of the decision and set a deadline for it resorted decision.

parliamentary, according to the understanding of the TRE-AM, failed to submit bank statement covering the whole campaign period and therefore, it accounts could not be analyzed in the parameters required by the electoral law. According to opinion of the organ, two financial transactions delivered by Councilman contained the phrase "without legal value".

Parliamentary retirement

In May last year, Magazine Congress In Focus, He published an article in which Mario fleet appears in the list of politicians who managed retirement from only eight years of contribution. Only the parliamentary retirement today yields about, the magazine a total of R $ 13.167,60 the councilor, which was already federal and state deputy.

Mario fleet which for many years was the PSDB, known as' toucan’ staunch defense of Manaus Prefecture, recently switched parties to ensure more easily in his re-election in October this year. Now, Alderman is the PHS, Party Mayor, Councilman Wilker Barreto.

What the reader finds Mario Fleet. He deserves to be reelected?

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