City Council Manaus: Councilman today is Sildomar Abtibol

In 2011, when Secretary in Amazonino management, Abtibol was accused of mismanagement and use the folder as family employment hanger.
20/07/2016 07h47 - Updated 20/07/2016 07h47
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Councilman Wednesday (20), é Sildomar Abtibol, who is in his fifth term as alderman, has been vice president of the Manaus City Hall and Municipal Secretary. The MP is a close ally of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), but since he served as secretary in the administration of former mayor Amazonino Mendes, between 2009 e 2011.

In May 2011, Sildomar was accused by councilor at the time, Wilton Lira poor administrative conduct of the Municipal Social Welfare and Human Rights, besides the charge to use the folder hanger family jobs and the structure of the SOS Funeral program for promotion purposes people. Next year, Abtibol his resignation from office to run for reelection, which won for his fifth term as alderman.

jacket aid extinction

In the month of February 2013, in historic session of the vote that ended with the benefit popularly known as' aid jacket’ na CMM, Councilman was absent. In season, the advisory Sildomar said the councilman was in poor health. Only he and missed a parliamentary session.

In 2013, Sildomar changed the Republican Progressive Party (PRP) the Party of Reorganization of Social Order(PROS), Legend commanded in the Amazon by the current governor, Jose Melo, who was then deputy governor.

Bag-Athlete Municipal Court

The Amazon athlete Sandro Viana lost the benefit known as 'Bolsa Athlete', in 2015 and found a number of financial difficulties. In season, Abtibol had just assumed the Municipal Sports, Arthur already in management, and he said to the press that the benefit had been redesigned to provide greater order in the criteria for participation. With the decision the veteran athlete was harmed.

Unfulfilled promise

The Cup of Neighborhoods, held by the Municipal Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen), It was criticized earlier this year. According champion teams Edit 2015, the prizes promised to the winners had not yet been paid. Team Root, champion 2015 and neighborhood Alfredo Nascimento, runner-up and the City of God neighborhood, which ranked third charged their awards. At the time of the competition, the secretary was Elvys Damasceno, but earlier this year, athletes were charged Sildomar that was as secretary and reported that they were never received by the current alderman or received any explanation by the Secretariat.

According to those responsible for teams, the promise was the award of a car 0km to the champion of R $ 50 mil e R$ 32 thousand for the runner-up, and R $ 32 to third.

Sildomar again left the office of municipal secretary in April this year, to run for reelection and win his sixth term. He deserves to be reelected?

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