Councillors transform Chamber of São Paulo in 'Temple’ every week

The councilors and those involved say they exercise freedom of expression in these meetings and say not to commit unlawful.
04/07/2016 14h28 - Updated 4/07/2016 14h28
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“Hallelujah, brothers”.
“Glory to God”.

Always accompanied by exclamations effusive, these words have been heard increasingly in a place where all issues should be discussed and treated, but no prayer, no belief, It should be given: the Municipality of São Paulo. It is the address of at least one religious meeting a week this year.

A survey conducted by the report in the House of Ceremonial event schedule shows that the House has hosted 24 acts of religious nature between January and June (almost one per week), with costs paid by the Legislature. The councilors and those involved say they exercise freedom of expression in these meetings and say not to commit unlawful.

Constitutional law experts disagree heard by report. Many disguise the nature of the event, transforming praise sessions “honors” the personalities of the gospel culture or opening birthday of a religious building. Some, on the other hand, or strive for it.

With monthly meetings since 2014, Prayer Group Ministry Agape Reconciliation, on the Church Snowball, comes together 200 Participants in the Auditorium Prestes Maia, on the 1st floor of the Palace Anchieta.

The meetings last three hours. They are preaching, fervent prayer times – where the faithful hold hands, close your eyes and ask for the intervention of the Holy Spirit – and a lot of doctrine. The group can occupy the space at the request of Councilman Eduardo Tuma (PSDB) – author of the bill, vetoed by Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT), I wanted to institute “Day against Christianophobia”.

And the preaching does not fail to address political issues. “I want to ask forgiveness. We know that there is something called the Sao Paulo Forum, and we know that our current government (in season, Dilma Rousseff) She is involved in this. We ask forgiveness for alliances with countries that are trying to implement communism, already in indoctrination process from the time when there were dictatorships in Latin America. We ask you to have mercy on us, because this is a doctrine made by a Satanist named Karl Marx”, says another man, the meeting.

The speeches also bring religious views on matters relating to civil rights: “We apologize for all kinds of gay marriage, indoctrination”, said another faithful at the event.

no day 18 of April, the evangelical moment came in the Main Hall, on the 8th floor of the building which is in the Viaduct Jacareí, center of the capital. Initiative Noemi Nonato (PR), Missionary Assembly of God, author of the bill that included the Prayer Circle Day in the calendar Paulistano parties. At one point, a group of six women dressed like military uniforms stole the show, singing and dancing a lively choreography. “The dream can not end, God is always by your side”, intoned. “It's time to get up, do not give up fight, God's chosen not not to, even if you are in a prison.”

At a meeting called “Louvorzão Faith São Paulo”, no dia 10 of June, First Plenary in May – where the bills are discussed and voted on by councilors, the idea was to honor “representatives of gospel music”.

It was an event proposed by councilor Jean Wood (PRB), pastor of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. “If you said it could not happen this in the House, soon. It's already happening. A round of applause for Jesus.”

wood preached, sang, He prayed and complained that made the request so that there was gospel music in Virada Cultural – but it was not answered. “We want to move forward and increasingly in the city of São Paulo.”

sought, the Speakership reported that the councilors have the right to request the auditoriums for private events – the State told almost 80 only this year. And he stressed that the issues addressed in the ceremonies are of parliamentary accountability that convened the meeting.


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