Dilma trips will be stands for 'virtual kitty’ R $ 700 one thousand

With money petistas, supporters and admirers, Dilma Rousseff hold travel the country.
16/07/2016 12h06 - Updated 16/07/2016 15h25
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Rousseff has not lost the hope of returning to power to continue the government in the presidency of Brazil. The president removed from office, with a possible impeachment process approaching, He decided to travel across the country to get support of the society like the PT and the measures adopted during his government.

To raise funds for the travel marathon you want to do, people who support EN, supporters and current president admirers joined the fund-raising campaign through virtual; that is, They created a kind of “kitty online”.

According to information from the site UOL, at the exact time of midnight of the day 15 July for the day 16 July, the collection of money for Dilma Rousseff travels reached the amount of R $ 700 one thousand. This value is 54% higher than the target set which was R $ 500 one thousand.

The campaign to get the money was created on 29 of June. In this way, in about two weeks, the final amount was raised. To achieve this result, donations were needed about 11 thousand people.

It is important to clarify that the total amount collected, near 13% They will be taken to pay the owner of the digital platform, beyond the 4% taxes.

With all the money raised, value should increase by the end “virtual kitty”. Rousseff can do its job. Does the remote president will get all the support you need to reverse the current political scene? If it is not successful, Rousseff may suffer the second impeached Brazil's democratic post-military dictatorship.

With the success of “virtual kitty” Dilma Rousseff, is that other politicians who support the PT will also do the same? The opposition parties and their representatives, as well as the likely candidates for the presidency 2018 can take this example as another means of fund-raising for election campaign.

Source: Blasting News

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