Domestic flights will have tighter security from Monday

All Brazilian airports will strengthen, from next Monday (18), their inspection procedures.
16/07/2016 13h50 - Updated 16/07/2016 13h50
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ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) He announced on Friday (15) all Brazilian airports will strengthen, from next Monday (18), its passenger inspection procedures and their luggage on domestic flights in the country.

In practice, safety rules on national flights are now similar to those of an international flight.

Although the new rules have been taken less than a month before the Olympics, Anac said that the procedures have no relation with the international event. According to the entity, the goal is to standardize the shipment to international best practices. For companies in the airline industry, the new rules will cause delays and queues at boarding for flights.

One change is that, while passing through the X-ray industry, the passenger must remove their laptop and other electronic devices in hand luggage, leaving them in another tray. currently, this procedure is only mandatory for international flights, that follow stricter safety standards.

The rationale for the new procedure is that the laptop makes it difficult to display on the luggage inside the X-ray. Besides that, the handbags may also be inspected by agents of the country's airports.

Another change is that, before entering the domestic flight boarding lounges, passengers may be subjected to a body search, which is also more common in international travel boarding.

The method for selecting which passengers will be submitted to the journal was not disclosed. The inspection will be made by an agent of the same sex passenger and may occur in a public place or, if requested by the passenger, in reserved area accompanied by a witness. Under the new rules, even children can be searched.

The random screening may be replaced by body scanners. However, only airports Galeao in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia and Viracopos, Campinas, They have the device in their domestic shipments.

According to the Brazilian Association of Airline, the increase in boarding security accuracy for domestic flights should cause longer queues in the early days after its implementation.

That is why, the recommendation of the airlines is that passengers would then present to check in much earlier, at least an hour and a half ahead of schedule for the flight.

On international flights, safety procedures and passenger inspection follow unchanged. In these cases, airlines recommend that the passenger is presented at check-in three hours in advance.

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