Walter Cruz will have to return R $ 10 million to public coffers

Cruz was director of Manaustrans at the time of the administration of former mayor Amazonino Mendes.
13/07/2016 11h39 - Updated 13/07/2016 11h39
Photo: Antonio Lima/ACrítica

Unanimously, the college of Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) reproved, on Tuesday morning (12), the accounts of the former director of the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection Traffic (Manaustrans), Walter Rodrigues da Cruz Junior, for the year 2012, administration of former mayor Amazonino Mendes.

Among the irregularities pointed out by the reporting process, counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, which caused damage to the public treasury, are contracts without bidding companies for power supply in organs events; property rental also without bidding; uncontrolled use of rented cars; paying courses for servers without the realization of commitment and payment overpricing.

In addition to fining the former manager to return to public coffers R $ 10,8 millions, between fines and glosses, collegiality accepted the vote-emphasis on process adviser Eric Exile, who suggested that the construction company and ties Detectors and Electronics Ltda. (Consladel), involved in several contracts with Manaustrans, was jointly liable for the damage caused to the public treasury and gave back to the manager R $ 10,8 millions. The former director also received a fine of R $ 8 thousand for not meeting the principle of morality, impersonality and public order in the company hiring for events.

Walter Cruz has the term 30 days to return the value to the public coffers or appeal the decision, presenting defense reasons proving that the amounts spent were legal.

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