WhatsApp: Justice RJ sends block application

The connection providers were notified 11h30. Facebook said it will not manifest and the advice of Whatsapp said he does not have a decision position.
19/07/2016 11h13 - Updated 19/07/2016 11h13
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Justice of Rio de Janeiro decided that WhatsApp is blocked in Brazil, informed GloboNews Tuesday (19). telephone companies were notified after Facebook refuses to comply with a court decision to provide information to a police investigation.

The decision by Judge Daniela Barbosa sends operators suspend immediately access. According to GloboNews, the connection providers were notified of the decision at about 11:30 am. Facebook said it will not manifest and the advice of Whatsapp said he does not have a decision position.

according to Barbosa, or Facebook, company that owns the WhatsApp, It was notified three times to intercept messages that would be used in a police investigation in Caxias, Baixada Fluminense. The judge commented that the company responded by e-mail, in English, “as if this was the official language of this country”.

It is not the first time that a court decides to suspend the access to the application in Brazil. One of the previous bloqueiros occurred in December 2015, when the Justice of São Paulo ordered the company prevented the connection by 48 hours in retaliation for WhatsApp has refused to cooperate with a criminal investigation. The application was inaccessible by 12 hours and returned to work by decision of the SP of the Court.

According iff that does not comply with the court order due to technical, however you want to have access to the file and the court decision, taking science of alleged crimes investigated, the person of the accused and other research details

Lock in May

The investigation that culminated in the blockade in May this year was started after a drug bust in the city of Lizard, a 75 km from Aracaju.

Marcel Montalban judge asked in November 2015 that Facebook inform the name of the user an account on WhatsApp where drug information were exchanged. The information in this process ran secret of Justice.

According to the delegate Aldo Amorim, Board member of Combating Organized Crime of the Federal Police in Brasilia, the investigation was initiated in 2015 and bumped into the need information relating to message exchanges via WhatsApp, which they were requested to Facebook. The company did not fulfill the decision.

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