WhatsApp conversations can access deleted by users

Researcher found when examining disk images of the latest version of the application, WhatsApp that retains traces of forensic conversation records.
29/07/2016 12h07 - Updated 29/07/2016 12h07
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While claiming constantly that does not have access to the content of the conversations between your users, or WhatsApp, actually, It has as cavucar in their records to find this information - even after users have deleted messages.

The discovery was made by researcher specializing in iOS Jonathan Zdziarski. When examining disk images of the latest version of the application, he realized that WhatsApp retains forensic traces of conversation records. This data can be accessed either physically or remotely, through backup systems.

O problem, second Zdziarski, is the SQLite database used by the company in app codes, because it does not make the data overlay automatically. Like this, even if it is marked as deleted, each message remains available within the app or storage services like iCloud.

WhatsApp has a strong encryption scheme that prevents access to conversations when they are in transit. Only when messages arrive on devices the story changes.

Not that this situation is unique WhatsApp. Speaking to The Verge, Zdziarski said several similar services leave forensic traces - "[O] iMessage leaves many ", said. Already Signal, which is focused on privacy, It is free of this problem.

This finding may complicate things for WhatsApp in court battles. No Brasil, for example, the app is on the verge of facing a fourth period of suspension for refusing to provide data conversations between potential criminals. The company has been advocating for months claiming not have access to such data.

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